Weight Loss

Best Ways To Healthy Weight Loss For Teens

Are you a boy in your teenage and feeling low about your excess weight? Are your friends and parents bugging you about the inflated stomach and double chin? Are your dresses getting tighter every day? If yes, you need to lose weight!

Okay, weight loss for teens is not easy and delicious as weight gain. As a teenage guy, you cannot really ignore the colorful goodies available in front of you. However, just think about the consequences of staying fat.


Why Weight Loss In Teenager Is Important?

Excess weight gained during teenage is not a sign of good health. You may not know how excess weight may impact you. It affects your health in many ways as you grow older. You may fall prey to lifestyle disorders and degenerative diseases before you enjoy life in your 20s and 30s.

Everyone is at the risk of getting a massive heart attack or blockage in the heart valves, especially men, who are more prone to have cardiac diseases. However, this doesn’t mean girls should take excess weight lightly. Even teenage girls have many health risks if they are obese. Here are some weight loss tips for teenage girls too!

Teenage girl or a boy, you may not feel the effects of obesity at your tender age now but the wear and tear start early and you may have to face the consequences of being obese as a teenager. Act now and get fit in place of fat!

Fat or fit? A single letter makes a big difference! Replace ‘A’ with ‘I’! Make yourself and your health a priority.

Following are some simple steps and easy ways for a teenager to lose weight. You can lose weight in a relatively shorter time when you follow these healthy habits.

Easy Ways For A Teenager To Lose Weight – Pre-Weight Loss Preparation

Easy Ways For A Teenager To Lose Weight

If you plan and prepare everything, you can succeed in no time. Prepare yourself to lose weight in a healthy way.

Have some determination

You determine to party hard with friends. You determine to win a race. Why can’t you determine to
lose weight!

Weight loss for teens is not an easy thing unless you have strong determination. At the same time, there is no better treasure in your life than having good health. Maintaining a normal weight is, in fact, one of the positive lifestyle changes for good health! Being overweight is a trigger for most diseases. So, have some determination to lose weight.

Brainstorm how you gained weight

This is the major element to assist you in your weight loss journey. Identification of the root cause of weight gain helps you eliminate the same from your life. Besides, adding a few extra elements as a part of your lifestyle and healthy eating habits transform you from a fatty chubby teen to a fit and smart boy! But how to know the causes of your weight gain? Here’s some help for you:

Recall nostalgia moments

So, think aloud and recall the past how you gained weight. Check the childhood photos and think about the factors that made a big difference.

What you eat and how you eat?

Analyze your eating habits. How often you eat outside and how often do you eat at home? What is your favorite food, etc!

In most cases, dramatic changes in eating patterns and choices of foods made you gain weight.

  • If you have been munching on the cheesy pizzas, carbonated beverages, fries and juices for a longer period, they are the culprit.
  • Due to excess stress (academic performance, sports activity, etc), you might have made food your partner in distress!

How active you are?

This is one of the important questions you cannot ignore. Ask yourself and be true. Activeness doesn’t mean being smart and active in school or college hours or chatting with friends. Being active means being physically active.

  • Do you spend time in some sports activities in school?
  • What are your favorite sports?
  • How often you watch television?
  • How many hours you spend on your mobile phones?

Answer these questions honestly. You will know your lifestyle.

Did you grow as a fatty chubby boy – Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Teens

There are few teenage guys who grew as bubbly fat boys from childhood. So, you have been pampered a lot by your parents and family. If not, it may be your genes and you might be prone to become overweight. In such cases, you will need to exercises to lose belly fat and put extra effort into being more physically active and have healthy foods.

Unhealthy eating patterns combined with low levels or absence of physical activities are the two major reasons behind being an obese teen.

Are your genes making you fat?

Appearing chubby is not always related to food or physical inactivity. Genetics plays a vital role in determining the appearance of your body. There are few people who might eat a lot still stay slim. Alternatively, there are many who eat very little but appear bulgy. It can be due to genetics, where most of the family members appear moderately heavy.

Prepare a list- note down your vital statistics

You need to make a list to note down the following elements.

  • Your current weight before you get on track with weight loss regimen
  • The measurement of your waist
  • Your weight loss goal – your desired weight, the one you aim for
  • How much weight you want to lose every week / month / after 3 months etc.

Consult with a Healthcare professional / Dietician

Being a teenager doesn’t mean you can’t have health problems. It is essential to get a pre-check and get some basic tests done. A basic test or doctor medical advice may depict the cholesterol, fat, blood sugar levels, and a complete lipid profile. So, if you have high cholesterol, you may need a dietary recommendation from a physician before you attempt to lose weight.

Does Obesity And Overweight In Teenage Is An Outcome Of A Disease Or Disorder?

Fortunately, unlike teenage girls and young women, not many teenage boys suffer from any health conditions that lead to obesity.

Medical disorders cause obesity in childhood as well as in teenagers. Yet, it accounts for only 2 % of the obese population.

Weight Loss Vs Weight Gain and Calories

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Teens

According to a US health publication and a report from WHO on teen health and obesity, snacking and lack of energy balance leads to excess weight. Energy balance refers to energy intake and energy spent. In simple terms, calorie intake and calorie spent.

  1. Weight stays without any change – Energy IN equals Energy OUT
  2. Weight Loss – Energy IN is lesser than Energy OUT
  3. Weight Gain – Energy IN is more than Energy OUT

So, intake of more calories leads to weight gain.

Teen guys, being students spend most of their time in schools and colleges and in studying. So, physical activities that result in spending more energy i.e. burning more calories are fewer.

So, it is apparent that eating and physical inactivity account for weight gain in teenage guys. Often these two major causes are associated with lifestyle habits.

Causes of Obesity in Teenage Boys

Why are you gaining weight as a teen?

Poor environment doesn’t support you

Your environment doesn’t provide good support to stay healthy with healthy habits and lifestyles. How the environment affects your health and leads to obesity? No places for recreation like parks, sidewalks in neighborhoods, gyms, or fitness centers in your area.

Peer pressure from family and surroundings

Kids have a lot of pressure these days. Peer pressure affects the younger ones from various directions. Excellence in academics, good performance or training in arts or dances, sports activities, additional classes, etc puts a lot of pressure on teenage guys. Stress is one of the major causes of weight gain.

You have no time for activity

Owing to too many curricular and non-curriculum activities, you don’t actually have time to indulge in some physical activities.

Your friend circle is not healthy

Hanging out with friends is a good thing. Yet if your hangouts always happen around or end up in a cafe or a fast food center, your friend circle isn’t really healthy.

  • Hang out with friends for a good cause or a social cause.
  • Make it fitness and health oriented.
  • Meet at playgrounds and play some game
  • Train in groups for some sport

There is so much stress

Stress is the major factor that contributes to weight gain as well as prohibits you from losing weight.

You eat large portions of food

Sometimes you eat large portions of food in a single meal. Especially, for dinner, you don’t know how much you eat and many times end up eating more than what you need.


And it comes down to genetics. Obesity runs in many families. The place where you store fat and appear bulgy is also influenced a lot by genetic factors. If you find obesity in your family genes, make sure to take the necessary steps to prevent you from getting obese. Healthy foods alone don’t help in weight loss in case of obesity and overweight caused due to genetics. You should focus more on exercising to burn more calories and get a fit body.

Diets For Teens To Lose Weight – Tips

As mentioned earlier, the calorie intake versus calorie spent marks the difference in weight loss and weight gain. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of adolescent obesity increased from 12 % to 21 % in the past two decades. The major reason for a dramatic increase in obesity and overweight population is teen obesity and poor healthcare during teenage. A healthy diet is essential to lose weight and avoid complications in the future.

How should you plan your diet?

Teenage is the phase where boys undergo various changes at a rapid pace. So, it is not necessary to cut down the calorie intake dramatically.

How much calories a teenage boy needs a day?

In general, a teenage guy needs around 2000 to 3000 calories a day to manage a healthy weight and good health. This calorie requirement is stipulated by Dietary Guidelines from US Health Publication.

Reducing the calorie intake

Dramatic reduction in calorie intake affects both physical and mental health. Overweight teenage boys who undergo puberty should focus on reducing calorie consumption by 250 to 300 calories daily. Boys who have attained puberty can reduce their calorie intake to a maximum of 500 calories a day.

A Sample 2500 Calorie Teenage Weight Loss Meal Plan

Teenage Weight Loss Meal Plan

Weight loss regimen and eating habits vary with every individual. So, a diet chart and teenage weight loss meal plan featuring healthy ingredients for 15 years old boys may not be effective for weight loss in 13 years old. However, this is a generalized meal plan that serves no more than 2500 calories per day.

The sample meal plan for weight loss is published by a leading magazine, focusing on teen obesity.

  • 3 cups dairy foods – milk, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, buttermilk etc.
  • 5 to 7 teaspoons of oil – So you cannot literally fry anything. At the same time, don’t avoid adding required oil in your diet.
  • 8 to 10 ounces of grains – It accounts to around 300 grams of grains. Include rice, wheat, millet, etc.
  • 7 ounces of protein – It accounts to 250 grams of protein. It can be a combination of eggs, meat, poultry, legumes, etc.
  • 3 cups of veggies – Choice of any vegetables. Mix both root vegetables and fresh green veggies.
  • 2 cups of fruits –Choice of any fruits.

This sample plan suits most of the teenage guys who are moderately active to active, yet suffer from being overweight.

Underactive or inactive teen boys should focus on involving in some physical activity to burn extra calories.

How To Make Healthy Food Choices?

A healthy diet is all about eating balanced foods. You should stick to a diet that contains all nutrients. It is not recommended to go for a low-carb diet or no-fat diet.

Teenage guys should include a variety of healthy foods on a daily basis. Cut down on junk foods. Doing this alone will help you reduce calorie consumption and focus more on healthy foods.

Pump up the protein consumption

Go for protein-rich foods. Adding more protein to the diet keeps you satiated and reduces frequent cravings. Eat low-fat dairy foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.

  • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, befriend soy foods, nuts and seeds and legumes to pump up your proteins.
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, choose lean meat, eggs and more importantly seafood. Sea foods are packed with nutrients and also aid in weight loss.
  • Don’t choose any supplements to meet your nutrition needs.

Eat fiber to control your appetite

Eating fiber-rich foods is the best way to control your appetite. Especially, if you are a teenage boy who is gaining weight just because of overeating, have foods rich in fiber content.

Fiber promotes weight loss in many ways. You should drink a lot of water to digest fiber. Fiber keeps your stomach fuller for hours.

Fiber can be found in fruits, greens, vegetables, and whole grains. Choose your favorite fruits and vegetables. Eat at least one fruit a day and at least one vegetable as well as green leafy vegetable a day.

Look for alternatives

  • This is not a big deal and you can easily switch certain foods to reduce the calorie consumption. If you drink 3 to 4 cups of milk based beverages, reduce it to two or three cups.
  • Drink 3 to 4 glasses of water extra everyday in addition to the quantity you drink daily.
  • Instead of fries, cookies, cakes and buns, eat nuts, veggie strips / wraps, sandwiches and fruits.

Stick to home cooked foods

If you don’t eat outside often, focusing on some healthy foods will help you lose weight with ease. If you are the one who often hangs out with friends and family and relishes outside foods and treats, this is the time to change your habit.

Why You Should Limit Restaurant Meals?

It is quite possible to stick to your diet routine when eating in a restaurant. Yet, you may not know what is going on in the restaurant’s kitchen. You might think that baked chicken or fish might be low fat and low-calorie option. However, the oil used may not be healthy. The food you ordered might have been cooked with butter.

So, eating home-cooked meals certainly lets you consume fewer calories than restaurant food. Even if it is a handful of French fries, it makes a big difference in calorie count as well as health quotient.

When you eat outside, make sure to ask the waiter about the ingredients used to cook the food you order.

You eat more when eating out

When you eat in a restaurant, you are more likely to share and grab a plate of your friends too! A lot of fun and happiness doesn’t make you concentrate on your health.

Home cooked meals are healthier

When you order French fries at a restaurant, they will be accompanied by dips and sauces. Fries are a big No for someone who wants to lose weight or just avoid junk foods. Additionally, dips and sauces contain preservatives and are high on salt, which is detrimental to health. If you eat homemade sauce, it doesn’t contain too much salt and there would be no preservative.

Home cooked meals contain limited choices

Unless it is a festival or celebration of some special occasion at your home, the number of items cooked daily in your home is limited. It apparently means healthy foods and low-calorie consumption.

  • Pack snacks and lunch from your home to school.
  • Don’t bother even if you appear childish before your friends. Your health is more important than the comments of your friends.

Reduce junk liquids and liquid foods

Cans, tetra packs, and bottled beverages come in handy when you feel hungry or thirsty. But they are loaded with calories. Stop drinking colas and sodas. Liquids are easily digested and you end up taking more calories. So, reduce the liquid intake.

However, there is an exception to liquids. Healthy drinks like herbal tea or green tea and even fresh fruit juices without any additives are good. Avoid or reduce the frequency of drinking coffee, chocolate drinks, and chilled beverages. Instead of juices that come in packages, go for fresh and light alternatives like fruit juice.

Eat more solid foods

Make sure that most of your calorie and energy comes from solid foods. The logic behind this is very simple. Your body needs more time to digest solid foods. If you pick whole foods, you can stay fuller for an extended period too. Solid foods contain dense nutrients than liquid ones. Solid foods give you long-lasting energy. So, have whole fruits and vegetables more often than fruit juices!

Snacking- Yes or No?

As mentioned earlier, snacking is the major factor leading to weight gain.

But snacking is important. If you are hungry for more than 2 or 3 hours, you are more likely to eat a lot in the next meal. Besides, snacking provides quick energy to teenage guys. This could be the major reason why schools and colleges have allocated snack time!! Have healthy snacks

How to snack healthy?

  • Choose nuts and seeds as major snacks.
  • Go for the unsalted nuts
  • Legumes and salads make the healthiest snacking options
  • If you feel you are getting tired often, have a fruit as your snacks
  • Eat a few pieces of fruit or a whole fruit like guava, banana, apple, etc after dinner.

Regulate the portion size

Whether you eat at home or at a restaurant, the portion sizes are always enormous. Reducing the portion size makes a big difference.

  • Eat in a small plate.
  • Always eat one serving / portion lesser than you think you need. (Portion size refers to the quantity of foods that fits your palm)
  • Whatever food you need, fill your plate in a single serving.
  • Don’t come for the second serving.

Don’t skip the major meals

This is essential for people of all ages but more important for teenagers. skipping meals is not only makes you eat more food in the following meal but also affects your performance. When you are hungry, your brain doesn’t work. You tend to overeat.

Eat when you are hungry

This is the core part of healthy eating. Eat when you are hungry. It has two different meanings.

  1. You should eat immediately when you feel hungry
  2. You shouldn’t eat when you don’t feel hungry

So, if you feel you are not hungry at night, it is fine if you skip dinner for a day.

Develop an eating time table or schedule

Just like your study timetable, plan for an eating timetable. Consider your daily routines and create a schedule that includes breakfast time, snacking time, lunch, and dinner time. When you develop an eating routine based on a schedule it will regulate your appetite. You won’t often suffer from frequent food cravings. When it is 8 am in the morning, your brain reminds you, it is time for breakfast.

Occasionally you can skip it when you eat with friends or during a festival; yet make sure that you stick to your eating schedule.

Eat at a standard place everyday

Whether it is dining table or at your room or living room, eat at a standard place every day. This will help you focus on what you eat and how much you eat. Even in your school, set a place to have your lunch.

  • Don’t stand in a random place and eat your dinner.
  • Don’t switch places daily.
  • Don’t do any activity when you eat. No television, no reading books and no phones. Focus only on eating.

Chew your food and don’t eat in a hurry

Enjoy your food. Chew every bite thoroughly and count up to 20 or 30 for every bite. Chewing releases the enzymes from salivary gland to digest food well and this helps you lose more weight. If you don’t chew your food properly, a specific quantity of the food remains undigested and accumulates as toxins in the body.

Chewing also aids you lose weight in other ways:

  • When you chew every bite, you will feel fuller very soon.
  • It prevents you from going for second or additional serving.
  • Chewing make you concentrate on what you eat.
  • Chewing takes more time to eat. You may wonder why you are eating for a long time. It reduces going for additional portion.

Here Is A Secret Tip To Lose Weight By Eating Lesser Quantity

Your brain needs at least 20 minutes to send a signal that your stomach is full. So, when you eat slowly, (as it takes more time) your brain notifies that you are full and you no longer need food.

What you put your food in your mouth, it should reach your digestive organ-like baby food! To be more specific, it should be like fluffy soft banana paste mashed in milk.

So, eat slowly and chew your food!

A fun thing about how should you chew food!

Do you know how much time you should take to eat a mini pizza?

Minimum 1 hour!

Don’t eat anything from 9 pm to 6 am

Help your digestive system function properly. Don’t eat anything after 9 pm and before 6 am in the morning. The metabolism of the body is low at night. Your body cannot digest food properly at night and store it as fat. In fact, you don’t need any food at night.

Eat brain friendly foods

Although there is no direct relationship between weight loss and brain-boosting foods, it helps indirectly. Being a teenage guy, you also play a role as a student. So, your brain consumes more energy. You may feel too tired or exhausted after studying for an hour. Although it is not hunger, to boost your brain’s health and energy, you eat often during the study. Following are the foods that increase brain function, memory, and concentration. They are healthy too.

  • Nuts (almonds and walnuts)
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Berries
  • Dark Chocolates (though in limited amounts)
  • Water (brain needs water too)

Parental Care And Support To Overweight Teens

Parents should play a vital role in helping their child in overcoming the overweight battles. The first thing they can do is providing them full support. Teenage boys are constantly and very easily irritated by many things by parents.

  • Overweight teens aren’t happy at school and college.
  • The stress levels are almost double in obese teens.
  • Although they hide what they feel, they really want to lose weight.
  • They seek support and are more emotional.
  • They need motivation and care from whole family members.

Be a role model – Healthy Habits

Children reflect what you do. You are the living examples of their lives. It is not only that an overweight teen should change lifestyle, but the whole family should find a way to lead a healthy life. If you nag your son to get active and improve healthy habits, it won’t work, unless you do. It may make your teen feel inferior and criticized a lot about the way he looks. So, set a health goal as a family to motivate your teen.

Share a story

This technique certainly works if your boy is a school student. Teens who reach college lead a different life than school students. If your son is in high school, talk to him and tell him your interesting story about how you struggled with overweight as a teen or someone else whom you have seen struggling the same way. Also, let the boy understand how being overweight can affect his life.

Stock up your fridge and kitchen with healthy ingredients

This is a major take on tuning the health of your teen boy. Don’t make any room for unhealthy beverages or snacks. Instead of sweet treats, cakes, and candies, stock fruits, and veggies. Instead of bottled beverages, make juice out of fresh fruits. Make healthy foods that are delicious too!

Physical Activities And Best Exercises For Teenage Weight Loss

Eating less alone won’t help you in weight loss. Rather, it may affect your nutritional intake. It is almost impossible to lose weight as a teenager without doing exercises or any kind of physical activity. While changing your eating habits help you control weight gain, you should burn off excess calories to shed the extra weight.

Regardless of the time, you spend on your studies and other activities, you should spend at least an hour involve in any form of workout. Although walking is good to lose weight, mere walking is not sufficient, at least for a teenager!

How much workout you need?

You should do at least one hour of exercise every day. So, work out for at least 30 minutes in a single stretch. It can be split into two phases, morning and evening if you find it too hard to exercise for one hour.

Simple things that make you physically active

Exercises are important for teenage guys to lose weight. Types of exercise are immaterial. You can lift weights, do planks, go on a walking trail, swim, jog, trek, etc.

Walk and walk

Walk as much as you can. You can burn up to 6 calories per minute walk. Calculate how long you should walk. Again, walking is not enough to lose weight. You can prevent further weight gain. If you can’t keep track of how much you walked a day, make a pedometer your friend while walking!

Engage in fun activities that need you to move

If walking isn’t your cup of tea? If walking is not your thing jog or run. Running for weight loss is also a fun thing! There is no need to hit the gym if you aren’t interested. Get some good company. Join with your friends and do some fun activity, dance, or anything that doesn’t bother others! Your fun should be a harmless activity for others.

Sports or outdoor games

Involve in sports activities in your school or college. (Okay this is not about indoor games!) Playing
badminton or shuttle for an hour burns a lot of calories. Besides, sports also nourish your brain health. Make use of the sports activities in your school or college.

Join a gym or fitness center

Sometimes, you need proper guidance and training from a fitness trainer. If you are too obese and struggling to lose weight, get guidance and support from a professional trainer. Hitting gym twice or thrice for one to two hours adds a lot to your weight loss efforts. Forgo watching movies during the weekend and go a mile extra on the treadmill.

Remember, your intention to join a gym or a fitness center is to reduce weight. Once you burn away the fat and calorie deposits, you can try building muscle mass, sculpturing your body, etc.

Go random

If you have a treadmill at home, hit the treadmill every time you find yourself sitting before television or mobile phones. If you don’t have a treadmill, go for some random activities. Dance to your heart!
If you don’t have a treadmill, check-in to a swimming pool. Walk in the pool with waist-deep water. If you have access to a beach or seashore, walk or jog on the sand. It burns calories two times more than walking or running on the road. Clean your home and help your parent in mopping the floor. Yes, you are a good boy too!

Ride the cycle

You may have bikes and cars to ride. Yet, to reduce the oversized belly and get fit, befriend cycling. Cycling is one of the best things you can gift your body. It makes a simple and effortless aerobic workout. It is not mild as walking not somewhat heavy as running.

Take stairs

Never ever look for the elevator. Even if you hang out, always take the stairs. If you live in a multistorey apartment, walk up and down for 5 floors once. You may find it very difficult to move your muscles. Yet, within few days you will lose a couple of kilograms.

Best Exercises For Teenage Weight Loss

Three Easy Exercises For Teenage Boys To Lose Weight

These simple and easy exercises in your leisure time can be fun or do it as a part of your exercise regimen.

1. Sit-ups

It is a form of whole-body exercise that tones your body from head to toe. It reduces the bulges and flab from all part of the body.

  • It burns more calories and helps you reduce waist line.
  • Do a minimum of 100 sit-ups a day.
  • Start in a slow pace with 10 sit-ups and gradually increase it.
  • Solid belly with stubborn fat break down when you do sit-ups daily.
  • Doing sit-ups daily will help you lose up to 2 pounds a week.

How to do sit-ups?

2. Super Brain Yoga

Why brain yoga? Because you are a teenage boy and have to use your brain a lot to understand newer concepts every day!

This is a form of a sit-up. Doing this exercise for 3 minutes a day transforms your health and nourishes your brain function.

How super brain yoga works?

It consumes your energy by focusing on the energy points in the body. The energy points are regarded as major acupuncture points in the body. It distributes the energy that is blocked at a particular point to the whole body. The energy points lying in the brain, forehead, eyes, mouth, digestive organ, sex organs, temples, and parotid are channeled effectively. Besides, the ear lobes activate the pathway of nerves that connects with brain functions.

Being a form of squat/sit-up exercise, it also burns more calories and reduces the bulges in the body.

How to do it?

This is performed just like a sit-up exercise, but there is a change.

  • Hold the left ear lobe with right thumb and index finger.
  • Hold your right ear lobe with left thumb and index finger.
  • Keep your left hand over the right hand while holding both the ear lobes.

A few things to note:

  • Doing this workout is not an easy thing.
  • Even those who are extremely fit find it very difficult to do this workout continuously for a minute.
  • Start with 10 to 20 sit-ups in a single stretch.
  • Give a break for 10 seconds and repeat it again.
  • Do it for 5 minutes.

3. Stationary Cycling

If you can’t ride the actual cycle, go for stationary cycling, in the gym, or at home. Stationary cycling burns fatter and keeps you active. If you have busy schedules, you can enjoy your workout at your home.

Aerobics For Weight Loss In Teenage Guys

Aerobics is a mild yet effective exercise to lose weight. Instead of going for a high-intensity cardio workout, you can pick the milder ones to reach your weight loss goal. Some of the easy aerobics exercises you can do daily include the following:

  • Walking – If nothing, start walking. There’s no exercise as easy and as good as walking
  • Running- There enough reasons to start running for weight loss
  • Swimming – join a swimming class immediately. There is no better aerobic exercise than swimming that tones and sculpts your body!!!
  • Mall walking – isn’t it sound interesting to roam around shopping malls? Join with your friends and just make it a physical activity. Don’t stop too much while walking in a mall though!
  • Hiking – do it at least once a month, get along with your friends.
  • Stair climbing
  • Stationary cycling

There are many school sports activities that form good aerobic exercises. If you haven’t enrolled in any of the following sports in school, do it immediately.

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Foot ball
  • Drill team (if you aren’t a great fan of sports, just join the drill team)
  • Tennis / badminton / table tennis
  • Soccer

Motivate yourself at home to lose weight

If you feel too bad to go out and indulge in some workouts, don’t worry. All teenage boys and girls feel like that! You can set up a great environment at home that motivates you to lose weight. Exercising at home enables you to work out at any time. Things you may need include,

  • Yoga mat
  • Light weights (or use water bottles) for lifting weights
  • Exercise bands or towels to do stretches
  • DVDs / online videos (you can check for some simple aerobic moves or light dance videos)
  • Do jumping jacks, spot jogging, hand and leg stretches

Finally, befriend a dog! If you have a pet, you are more likely to stay fit and healthy. Run with your pet, take your pet outside, play with your pet and have fun with it. It also helps you de-stress and balance your emotions.

A maximum of 60 minutes of exercise is enough during the initial days. You can see the excess weight melting away upon following healthy eating, active lifestyle, and workouts. Don’t over-train with exercises and don’t eat any fad diets. Remember, you are losing weight to managing good health. Teenage boys are at the perfect age to start a healthy lifestyle early in age. It is not just about losing weight, it is about choosing a healthy life forever!


How much sugar a day for teens for weight loss?

A sugar detox is the only way to get rid of excess weight and lose it for good. The purpose of this cleanse is to reduce your potential for diabetes, cancer, obesity, cavities, and asthma. If you are looking for a great way to reset your diet in order to lose weight fast then look no further than juicing! Taste fresh fruits and vegetables all day! Enjoy guilt-free snacks like carrots or celery sticks while on the plane. You will reap benefits that will last long after you have stopped juicing- such as improved skin complexion from all the nutrients.

What type of surgery is best for weight loss for teens?

During any teen’s journey to get a healthy body, the answer may be different. When you’re just trying to bust through puberty, all that weight seems hard enough to tackle. So think about something now when it comes to what kind of surgery would suit your needs down the line in life if it does not catch up with itself. After considering all sorts of options and doing some research on this very topic, our team was led back to liposuction as one of the most popular forms for healthy teens who are looking ahead into their future.

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