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Premature Graying of Hair: Causes and Remedies

Until a few years ago, we could easily determine the age of people just by looking at them. However, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, food habits, etc. have given rise to a number of diseases and other medical conditions like early development of signs of aging, low immunity and premature graying of …

Top Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief in 2021

Whether it is a mild pain or chronic pain, exercises form a major part of treatment for back pain. At some point of time, almost 80 percent of individuals suffer from varying degrees of back pain. Back pain is caused by many factors. Yet, inactivity or sedentary lifestyle accounts as …
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Types and Causes of Foot Pain With Remedies

Foot Pain! These days, it is just as common as thirst and hunger. According to a Journal published by University of Maryland Medical Centre, foot pain is often experienced by around 75 % of world population. Although foot pain may not be a daunting condition to worry about, you shouldn’t …