It All Started With A Question… Why Is It Hard To Find Easy and Credible Health Information

On a personal level, I found it hard to understand the health information and guides provided by the top sources. I envisioned that there might be many souls, just like me, who are looking to find authentic yet straightforward guides.

And, Then Health Is Right Was Made

It is a platform that guides people on overcoming depression, anxiety, and mental traumas and on home remedies, skincare, haircare, weight loss, and different diets. Our medical experts are qualified enough to provide credible information. Thanks to their hard work, our readers can enjoy a proper lifestyle with healthy cores.

A Healthy Comunity Is A Leading Comunity.

Our Mission

In the modern era, there are many health issues, whether they are mental or physical. Health always comes first; that is why everyone needs to cure their illness and live a healthy life. However, in this era, where the internet is filled with data, it is hard to find credible information. Health Is Right is on a mission to help individuals take care of their lifestyle and health by providing straightforward, proper, efficient, credible, and practical information from medical experts.

Our Values

In the health sector, it is hard to find the latest information that is easy to understand. That is why Health Is Right values credible and easy-to-understand information. A Healthy community can rise and work for the benefit of humankind. Therefore, Health Is Right’s motto is to lead the community to a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Health

Just as deadly as physical illness, mental traumas, depression, and anxiety can lead to dark and uncomfortable life. Health Is Right wants to help every soul facing mental traumas to live a happy, creative, and comfortable life.

Physical Health

The Physical Health of a person is also just as important as mental health. The 21st century is filled with many unexpected health issues. Health Is Right wants their reader to live a leading and healthy life. Our expert writers are qualified enough to provide proper guidance with the relevant and latest information on health.


Taking care of your skin will lead you to a more beautiful and lively lifestyle. A proper routine by expert knowledge is required to achieve the desired skincare. As for the benefits, skincare makes you healthy, both mentally and physically. Health Is Right is on a mission to guide individuals to take care of their skin.


Just like skincare, proper hair care will lead you to achieve beautiful and your desired hair. Our experts believe that hair care can help you fight mental and physical illness. It also makes you healthy, both mentally and physically. Therefore, a proper routine and hygiene is necessary for you to live a comfortable life with haircare.

Weight Loss

Our writers are experts on different weight loss programs and study the various weight-loss diets of celebrities. An effective weight loss can be achieved through multiple methods and routines; that is why a versatile understanding and knowledge is required. Weight loss allows you to stay healthy, active and improve your social life. On the mental level, it is also psychologically good. Being protective of many diseases and illnesses is also a significant benefit of weight loss.


Just like weight loss, different styles and routines are leading to a successful diet. Therefore, a piece of diverse knowledge and expert opinion is required. A healthy diet can be beneficial on both physical and mental levels. Just as it reduces the chances of heart attack, it also makes you active, healthy, and energetic.

Home Remedies

There are many different tasks that you can perform at home, rather than paying for them. Our team is determined to guide other home remedies to make your life easier and productive. Therefore, being cost-friendly and productive, home remedies are more than recommended by our team.

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Meet Our Team

Currently, our team is composed of four people. Those are the Owner, two writers, and a medical expert. We are blessed with a hardworking and determined team with a mission parallel to the Health Is Right.



Alex is a qualified Web Designer with Advanced SEO knowledge. He is a mastermind, and founder of Health Is Right. His team-leading qualities and expert marketing knowledge make sure that the correct information is delivered to the audience. Moreover, all the graphics-related work found on Health Is Right is also a piece of work by the Alex. Furthermore, he is always looking for suggestions from the audience to improve the system, suitable for the audience.

Linda Wilson

Medical Expert, Reviewer, and Advisor

Linda Wilson is a qualified health expert with a medical background. She has completed her M.S. in Aging & Health from Georgetown University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, in 2015. Since then, Linda has participated in various university research projects and worked in many NGOs. Now, she is a part-time helper for our project, Health Is Right. She guides our writers, reviews the articles, and advises our schedule and system according to the medical needs of the given time.

Ashley Jenkins

Writer on Health Niche

Ashley Jenkins has a medical background with vast knowledge of various diets and body care routines. She is currently undergoing her Masters of Health Sciences (MHS) through Bellarmine University School of Environmental Studies. Her vast experience in medical academic writings and blog writings qualifies her to be a powerhouse for Health Is Right.

Dennis Hall

Writer on Health Niche

Dennis Hall is a student of Baruch College, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. He is undergoing a Graduation of Arts in Mental Health Counseling. His knowledge of psychology and human behavior made him a significant addition to Health Is Right. He has exceptional skills in academic writing in the health niches. Moreover, he is gaining knowledge and experience through our learning and friendly platform.