How to pull yourself out of crippling depression?

Nobody wishes to talk about depression. Everyone wants to speak and portray how great it is to be motivated, driven and happy, even if we’re crying and struggling inside. It is in fact our social tendency to fake our life by always trying to view life via an Instragram filter. The growing craze of social media has even contributed towards depression, because at times it seems like we’re the only one who’s having a bad day. This false perception that we are alone in our struggle makes us feel like it’s not ok to talk about our challenge. So we tend to hold it in and bottle it up. This often leads to crippling depression – a severe form of depression that takes over your whole life making unbearable to carry out even the basic daily tasks. What we need to understand is even the most positive amongst us go through bouts of depression. It is okay and it’s NORMAL. We just need to know how to deal with it.

Some Helpful Strategies to Pull Yourself Out of Crippling Depression

How to pull yourself out of crippling depression

Celebrate Small Wins

Avoid self sabotaging, which is a very common behavior amongst people dealing with crippling depression. Try celebrating the small wins in life during depression. For instance, trying to get into a routine such as hitting the gym, trying to pull yourself out of bed every morning, trying to get out of the house and sit in the sun etc. It is termed as “small wins”, because these otherwise very mundane seeming tasks or routines are quite difficult to pull off especially during depression. So on days when you are able to do so, celebrate it as your win and reward yourself with an ice cream or chocolate.

Do Positive Self Talks

Keep reminding yourself that this depression is a temporary phase and keep affirming to yourself that soon things will get better. In other words, try cultivating the habit of positive self talk during depression. It may not get you out instantly out of your depression, but once it becomes a habit, it is easier to break negative thought patterns.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Be as much as possible in the company of loved ones. Love is a great healing force. Your loved ones won’t judge you, so it is perfectly okay to talk and discuss how you are feeling. Even though they may not be able to give you magical solutions to snap out of depression, just sharing and having them listen will make you feel so much better.

Write, Write, Write! Anything!

Pick up the habit of journaling or writing. Don’t worry about the grammar and sentence construction, it is you ranting out your innermost feelings and not a best seller that you are attempting to write here. Just pick up a pen and paper and write any and everything that comes up in your mind.

Be Happy, you know you have depression! First step to cure yourself!

Try accepting the fact that you are depressed and this is a HUGE first step. Once you are able to accept the fact, you will be able to take the necessary steps to deal with it and seek appropriate help from various sources which are readily available these days. It is all about self realization and taking this first step ahead.

pull yourself out of crippling depression


Depression sucks, but it is not something that you need to deal with all by yourself. Be it alternative healing, meditation, counseling, or medical help – it’s all there to help you! All you need to do is to reach out for help and follow the suggestions that we’ve shared.

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