How to wear Athleisure clothing Everywhere?

With more and more of the multitude becoming health conscious and hitting the gym regularly, a trend which has carved out a niche for itself in the clothing industry is the Athleisure trend. It means any kind of casual wear which can be worn both for general wear as well as while exercising. With this trend picking up, do not be surprised to spot some Nikes strutting down the street instead of a pair of stilettos. And if you too want to experiment with workout wear, here’s how to wear athleisure clothing every day, everywhere!

How to Wear Athleisure Clothing Everyday Everywhere?

how to wear athleisure clothing everywhere

  1. Reason your trend with Season: Fitness some time ago had no trend of its own as such. It was more of all black. However, with Athleisure gaining popularity, it is more seasonal nowadays. Previously mesh panels were big, but not any longer. It has been replaced with color blocking and bigger placement patterns these days. Popular brands are also helping to carry forward this trend by offering a niche selection of the latest premium Athleisure pieces of clothing every three months and keeping the collection seasonal.
  2. . Blending is the Key: Blending fashion with function always works. While selecting your Activewear you need to ensure that you choose performance fabric, so that it is not transparent or see through. Performance fabric is recommended as it dries up quickly, it is moisture absorbent, and it is odor resistant.
  3. Accessorize Smartly: If you accessorize appropriately, it can immediately elevate your Athleisure wear from a gym to an all day wear. For instance, if you don a pair of mirrored sunglasses with your structured leather jacket and shirt tied around your waist, it will give you a sleek yet sporty feel instantly.
  4. Dress Thoughtfully: Try to dress for the occasion. Avoid being underdressed or overdressed. Rather strike a balance and dress appropriately which fits the occasion. For instance, if you team a Leather Lane Tank with a satin duster coat and wear it over your leggings, it should be enough to give you the smart and sassy look.
  5. Try to take the Mid-Way: Whenever you are in doubt, stick to neutrals. Try and stick to neutral colors, patterns, and prints whenever you are in doubt.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of the Athleisure Trend

Do: Team up your white sporty kicks with a black mini and add a tailored chic coat.

Don’t: Avoid wearing beat up sneakers that tone down your overall look.

Do: Team up your Adidas zip-up with your skinny jeans and flannel shirt.

Don’t: Avoid wearing your head to toe covered tracksuit. You are no longer in 2001!

Do: Team up your cashmere sweatpants with a biker’s leather jacket and a bright hat. It gives you that travelling and casual look.

Don’t: Avoid wearing the same to a special event or occasion. It is meant for a brunch and the like occasions.

Do: Pair up your mini skirt, heeled booties, and silk blouse with a baseball jacket for that casual look.

Don’t: Avoid wearing anything baggy or over sized, as it will end up making you look messy.

Get up and wear athleisure clothing everywhere, to the gym, office, streets or in the evenings, without the fear of being called unstylish!

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