Best Weight Loss Tips – for Beginners and Others

Eating less and exercising more doesn’t always help in weight loss. You need to change your diet and lifestyle carefully with the help of best weight loss tips!

So, you are ready to lose weight? Already hitting the gym hard to lose the extra pounds? Or are you struggling to find some real time solutions and best weight loss tips and ideas that really work? While you have access to so much information about weight loss, why is so that you don’t lose weight?

Did you know, weight loss is neither difficult nor easy! It is difficult as you cannot achieve it overnight or expect to see any visible results after trying something for a week or so. Remember, you didn’t gain weight overnight or over a few days. Weight gain occurred gradually and weight loss also occurs gradually.

But how is weight loss an easy task? How to lose weigh really? No special dieting, no fad diets, no weight loss supplements, and no rigorous workouts. You can do it with ease but with some efforts and changes in your lifestyle and diet (changes in diet is not dieting, it is changing the way you eat foods and that’s for lifetime!). Remember, like any other work, weight loss is also a mind game. You need to keep yourself motivated and do the things that are really essential to lose weight, day in and day out!

So. now are you ready to lose those extra pounds, reduce the flab and stay in shape? Here you go!

What You Should Know About Weight Loss

The core elements you should adhere when you decide to lose weight
  1. Determination – Desire isn’t enough! You should have the determination to meet everything that is essential for weight loss.
  2. Patience – A lot of patience is required to lose weight. To watch the scales in the weighing machine recede, you should wait for months.
  3. Efforts – You should put moderate efforts to your weight loss regimen.
  4. Motivation – There are many people and many things that can demotivate you. Even you get bored to follow certain elements, all the time. But don’t lose hope as nothing is impossible. Even the word impossible says, ‘I am possible!’

What is the key to weight loss?

You are going to do a lot of things that will help you lose the pounds gradually and at a steady pace. The key to weight loss is the calories you burn every day. A basic understanding about the calorie intake, calorie burned and calorie stored in the body helps you realize how much you eat and how much you should avoid and how much should you burn down.

How do you gain weight?

It is a simple math! The difference between intake of calories and calorie spent marks weight loss, weight gain and weight management.
If you had a calorie intake of around 2000 calories and spent no more than 1000 calories a day, how your body manages the extra calories? Simply, it stores the extra calories in your body as you didn’t show a right way to dispose it off! Gradual deposit of additional calories, that you failed to spend results into weight gain.
From the face of it, it is very clear that the major element of weight loss is what you eat and how much you eat. Apparently, healthy eating is something that can really help you manage your weight!
Yes, healthy eating helps you manage your weight and stay in good health. To lose the weight you gained, you need something extra and beyond eating healthy foods.
Yet, there are certain instances, where healthy eating is alone insufficient. You may stick to healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. However, certain medical conditions also contribute to weight gain. In such cases, you need to address the underlying issue in order to be successful in weight loss.

A Realistic Comparison on Calorie Count

An interesting (and shocking) report on calorie count of a variety of foods can make you understand how much each food looks like and weigh when you count 200 calories?

Healthy foods in 200 calories

These are the actual weight or count of foods that make up 200 calories for your body.
  • 3 medium sized broccoli – that provided enough serving for 3 persons – around half a kg
  • Fiber rich cereal – around 100 grams
  • Yogurt – 200 grams
  • Whole milk – 400 ml
  • Around half kg onions (you don’t eat 500 grams of onions by yourself isn’t it?)
  • 600 grams melons
  • 300 grams grapes – that’s enough for dinner.
  • Green peas – 350 grams
  • Carrots – around 600 grams
  • Celery – almost 2 kgs (so don’t you love to stock up more on celery?)
  • Bell peppers – 750 grams
  • 3 medium sized apples
  • 3 eggs – that makes a solid protein rich breakfast
Unhealthy foods in 200 calories 
  • 2 spoonful of salted nuts (raw nuts are good though) -33 grams
  • 2 teaspoon peanut butter (it is not a healthy option) – around 34 grams. It is just enough to spread on a piece of bread loaf.
  • Half cup of potato chips (around one potato) – 40 grams
  • 3/4th of a cup cake
  • A coke can
  • 5 to 6 choco chips (isn’t it alarming?)
  • A small piece of fried meat
  • Half mini burger
  • 1/4th of a medium sized pizza
So, now you know why processed, fried and junk foods make you gain weight? Only a small portion of these foods give you about 200 calories. But do we stop after having a quarter piece of pizza or a half cup of potato chips? Think it over!
On the other hand, do we really eat so much of bell peppers, celery, melons and apples! Food for thought! As well as for body!
Now when you’ve known what makes you gain weight, let’s move on to know what will make you lose weight!

Best Tips on Weight Loss – All About Calories Management

The following are general tips on weight loss that is applicable for everyone. Even if you suffer from any health condition, you can easily follow these ideas to lose weight.

Avoid  junk snacks for weight loss

Snacking is healthy as long as you stick to healthy choices like vegetable and fruit salads, nuts, etc. to be more aware about these options. However, when it comes to snacking, most of you often think about fast foods, street foods, etc. Who doesn’t love to grab a pizza bite, munch on French fries or enjoy the mouthwatering burgers and pizzas?
Healthy snacking is hard to find! Of course, if you make up your mind to just eat healthy snack, go for it otherwise stop snacking. it is better to avoid and cut down snacking than to eat all junk foods!
  • Eat healthy and fulfilling. When you eat fiber rich meals, you feel full for a long time. It obviously reduces snacking!
  • Eat healthy snacks like sprouts, mixed fruits, boiled chick peas or peas, delicious salads, whole nuts, etc.  You can see the list of healthy snacks for weight loss to get some more ideas.
  • Reduce the quantity or number of days you snack.
  • Appreciate yourself with a reward (your favorite snacks) when you achieve something. This is definitely not every day.
  • Cutting down snacking habit regulate your appetite.
  • Inappropriate snacking affects your appetite. If you eat something heavy in the evening, you don’t get hungry up until 8 pm. It delays your dinner, which further delays your digestion and sleep. All these accumulate to weight gain!
  • It also reduces the caloric intake.

Use Small Spoons, Plates – simply, reduce the portion size and lose weight

Cut down the quantity of food you eat! Reducing the portion size is one of the best ways to lose weight by reducing calorie intake. You don’t need to dramatically cut down the portion size into half. If you eat in your regular plate and reduce the quantity of food you eat, you will feel as if your hunger is not satiated completely. So, trick your mind and go for smaller size utensils.
  • In place of eating 3 or 4 breads, eat 2 or 3 respectively. In simple terms, initially reduce just 1 unit from what you eat regularly.
  • Use small sized serving spoons and plates.
  • Instead of drinking a full glass of milk, make it a 3/4th glass.
  • Eat a mini pizza (only if you don’t get anything else which is healthy). Go for mini bites!
  • Follow the same at office. Reduce the size of your tiffin box or order for mini lunches.
  • Don’t eat directly from packet or box. Transfer it to a container and get in a bowl and eat.

Don’t drink your calories

This is a very common habit that increases a lot of calories in your diet. If you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea or any other drink in between your meals, be assured that you have gained a lot of weight just because of these drinks.
Regardless of any liquid you drink in between your meal, it adds to your calorie intake. For instance, you may drink at least 2 or 3 cups of coffee or tea. Besides how about grabbing a cola can or any refreshing lemonade tin? Remember, more than half of your required calorie is received by drinking liquids. They all contribute calories that you don’t even count!
Drinking a cold coffee or a strawberry or chocolate milkshake during working hours can be really refreshing but the sugar and all the fattening ingredients add on to your weight! Instead have fresh fruit juices (not canned or processed, they too have sugars!) Fresh fruits are lower in calorie and give you the same level of refreshment, not to mention the essential nutrients!

Have healthy drinks for weight loss

If you wonder what all drinks may help your weight loss campaign, look at the list given below.
  • Drink plenty of water. It eliminates water retention, detoxifies your body and keeps you feeling full, all good for weight loss!
  • Smoothies made with vegetables, herbs and fruits
  • Any fresh fruit juice (no milkshake). This can be a part of your breakfast or snacks. (recommended – cirrus fruit)
  • Butter milk – You can use it a staple to improve your gut and lose weight too.
  • In fact, one of the many health benefits of green tea is weight loss!
  • Herbal tea – The spicy herbal teas kick boost your metabolism
  • Coconut water – Make your body balanced and hydrated. Rich in minerals, tender coconut water keeps your core healthy.
  • Water – Literally, a zero calorie drink you can drink as much as you wish
Say goodbye for ever to colas, carbonated beverages, lemonades with artificial flavorings and all kinds of juices that come in packages.

Eat Fulfilling Breakfast for weight loss

Everyone is quiet busy to eat fulfilling breakfast. After almost 7 to 10 hours gap, your body would be scorching for food and energy. Your sleeping time is a fasting. It is literally impossible to go without eating anything for 6 or 7 hours! Do you agree? Yet, it is possible when you sleep, even for 12 hours.
Break your sleeping fast with healthy and fulfilling breakfast. The breakfast you eat in the morning not only fuels your day, but also influences you in many ways.
A cup of coffee or milk or a glass of juice is definitely insufficient. Besides, it increases your hunger pangs before the mid day meal, which induces you to eat more during your lunch or grab unhealthy bites or sip your calories.
Eat breakfast that makes you completely satisfied. But don’t have too many unhealthy options for breakfast. Have healthy breakfast that can boost your metabolism right in the morning. Have breakfast and increase your metabolism to lose weight fast!
What are the healthy foods for breakfast
  • Fruits, no prizes for guessing it right! Have a big delightful, colorful bowl of just fruits.
  • Oatmeal, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium, good for filling experience and weight loss too.
  • Wheat germ, rich in nutrients, are filling too. Stir in plain yogurt or make smoothie and have it as your breakfast.
  • Bananas. Nothing else can keep those mid-morning cravings at bay as effectively as bananas do. Have 1 or 2 bananas and that’s all you need for hours to go!

Go Natural for weight loss

When you kick start your weight loss regimen, make sure you eat natural. Don’t allow any foods with artificial flavorings or preservatives in your diet. Even the so called packaged organic foods (tagged as organic / all-natural fresh produces) may contain something that could hamper your weight loss program. So, try to chose natural produce and avoid chemicals / preservatives.
A note: You may have seen the advertisements about all-natural healthy fruit juices. Nothing that comes in a package is all-natural! The juices stay fresh for months just because of the added preservatives and tastes delicious due to artificial flavorings! Also, they are sometimes boiled before cooling down and packaging so that they are preserved for long. But this kills all the live enzymes of these fruits. There’s nothing healthy in such packaged fruit juices. Go natural, have fruits or make your own fruit juice. It just takes a few minutes.
Don’t believe the above fact? Give it a try at home! Just extract fresh juice from pomegranate or orange or any other fruit. Store in a bottle. Check after 2 or 3 days! Does it remain fresh?

Sleep Tight for weight loss

Good sleep is quite essential for weight management. In fact lack of sleep leads to weight gain. When you don’t sleep enough, it alters your hormone levels that regulate appetite and thus contribute to obesity. If you commit for weight loss, make a commitment to get more sleep too.
Make sure your bedroom is pretty dark. You can even remove the night lamps. Darkness induces quality sleep.

Watch your meal times and lose weight

When do you eat is equally important as what you eat! Breakfast at  10 am actually means no breakfast! Lunch at 4 and dinner at 10 pm! These things don’t make any sense at all.
Our body has an innate natural clock based on which the entire organs work. For instance, large intestine works between 5 to 7 am. If you develop the habit of excreting during this time, you will not suffer from constipation.
  • You should eat your breakfast before 9 am in the morning. In fact, have something, even if a few nuts, within half an hour after you wake up in the morning. This kick starts your metabolism.
  • Have lunch between 12 to 2 pm.
  • Have dinner between 7 to 8 pm. After this time, your digestive system becomes sluggish. If you don’t digest properly, you don’t lose weight completely.
  • You should have hit snooze button when it turns 10 pm.
When you are hungry, eat your food. When you are tired, get your sleep! This is the basic mantra for weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Tips – How to Spend More Calories

Spending more calories help you lose weight as well manage weight. How to spend more calories? Here are some sure shot ways that help you burn calories.
  • Don’t take your vehicle often. Go by foot anywhere, even in case of shopping. In fact, make it a habit of walking everyday for about half an hour to one hour.
  • To lose weight, you should at least walk 10,000 steps a day! How to count? If  you are OK with it, you can make pedometer your friend when walking to lose weight.
  • Skip elevator and take stairs
  • Mop your floor twice a week. That’s a good workout, it almost spends more than 300 calories.
  • Dust your home!
  • Play with your kids.
  • Do any exercise at least for 20 minutes a day (not including the above). Hit the gym, do yoga or aerobics, cycling, swimming, running, or even dancing. Anything that makes your heart pump faster and help you sweat a lot will also make you lose weight!

Best Weight Loss Tips for Fast Results

There are many who couldn’t wait longer to see the pounds melting away from their body. As long as you are healthy with no major diseases or health conditions, you can try these best weight loss tips for fast results.

Remove Whites from your Diet for faster weight loss

White symbolizes purity and divinity! Yet, white represent impurity, chemical processing, etc. when it comes to processed foods. For faster weight loss, you should avoid the three whites from your food.
  1. White rice
  2. Sugar
  3. Salt
Most of you love the color white when it comes to buying these three ingredients. If rice appears whiter and brighter, it is polished many times and the similar applies to sugar! They are simple carbs devoid of all nutrients. They do more harm to your body than good.
Salt makes your body retain more water. Due to more water weight, you look and feel bloated. Cutting down on salt will reduce water retention in your body. While this is not same as fat loss but it certainly takes away the bloated look. Having less of salt is good for your heart and other organs too.
Eliminate these three white enemies from your diet only if you want to lose weight faster
White rice is a high carb grain and is easily digested. Even if you eat a lot of rice, you tend to get hungry quickly.
Sugar is completely a processed food. It is also high in calories. So, avoid sugar.
Similarly, too much salt is bad for health. If it is not possible for you to go for a salt-free diet, use crystal salt, black salt or pink salt.

Get more potassium for faster weight loss

Potassium is the key element that prevents water retention in the body. Most women who look obese are prone to water retention. Especially, belly tends to bloat after drinking water and eating food. Similarly, they wake up with puffy face. Low potassium is the major cause of water retention in the body, which makes you look fat.
Adding more potassium helps reducing the swelling, which brings a positive outlook on your appearance.
Bananas are the richest source of potassium. Don’t worry. Eating bananas every day doesn’t make you gain weight. Rather, the fiber rich banana acts as laxative; induces sleep and reduces water retention.
Eat fully ripe bananas. (Don’t hesitate to pick the bananas with dark spots on the skin, they are healthier than other varieties).

Eat Spices and lose weight fast

If you are a lover of spicy foods, you can add a lot of spices to shed weight fast. Generally, spices are hot in nature. The heat in your body keeps your metabolism active. A few spices also contain amazing medicinal properties. Some of the spices contain weight loss properties too.
Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper – Capsaicin is the key ingredient that converts the fat into heat. When you eat more, you burn more calories.
Cinnamon – Cinnamon is popular as an anti-diabetic herb spice. It not only regulates the sugar levels in your body, but also increases the metabolic rate, which helps in spending more energy and burns more calories.
Ginger – Ginger is the aromatic and one of the hottest spices. It creates a lot of heat in the body and burns your fat and calories.
According to a recent study, mixing ginger with other spices especially, pepper or cayenne pepper burns the calorie that you would spend on a 20 – 30 minutes’ walk!
Turmeric – Although turmeric doesn’t have any weight loss properties, it inhibits deposits and regrowth of fat. It also helps in reducing the size of fat cells in the body. Simply it shrinks the fat cells and prevents their accumulation.
If you are not too much into having spices, just go for ginger tea and black pepper.

Finish your dinner before 8 for faster weight loss

You may have a lot of chores to do all the day. Remember to add ‘dinner before 8 pm’ as a major responsibility in your list!  You should give at least two hours gap between your dinner and sleeping time. The two hours gap eases digestion and you can easily excrete in the morning. When you go to sleep immediately after you eat, the food remains undigested or half digested. It definitely affects your bowel movements. Besides, it remains as unspent calories, deposited in your belly!
So, dine by 8 pm or even before that, and go to bed at 10 pm!

Run for rapid weight loss

Weight loss is about eating right blended with physical activities. So, if you want to lose weight quick, run. Run for 20 to 30 minutes a day, you will lose around 3 – 4 pounds a week! The longer you run, more pounds you will lose. If you never run, read this, How to Start Running to Lose Weight – for Beginners
If you can’t run, go for jogging or power walking. Power walking refers to walking at a fast pace.
Lucky you are, if you have a beach in the vicinity of your residence! Walking on the sand burns double the amount of calories you would burn when you walk on a road or lawn.
If confused about whether to run or to walk, read this, Walking v/s Running for Weight Loss- What is Better?

Eat Cruciferous vegetables to lose weight fast

Cruciferous vegetable are a group of vegetables that are rich in fiber, contains phytonutrients that promote your health in all aspects. In fact, cruciferous vegetables are rich in nutrients and they also keep your stomach fuller for hours. Isn’t that you need?
Besides, cruciferous vegetables are delicious too! Some of the veggies include,
  1. Cauliflower
  2. Broccoli
  3. Cabbage
  4. Brussels sprouts
  5. Radish
  6. Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage)
A cup of broccoli or cauliflower has no more than 50 calories and it keeps you fuller for longer! You can satiate your hunger just with two servings of cruciferous vegetables.
  • Contain high fiber, which aids in regulation of bowel movements
  • Prevent dehydration as most of the cruciferous vegetables are water vegetables.
  • Increase the metabolic rate
  • Regulate the hormonal imbalance, especially, restores estrogen. It is a great trick for women!

Have a fruit at every major meal

Fruits are highly nutritious and contain very low amount of calories. Eat at least one fruit along with every major meal. Fruits provide you essential nutrients as well satiate your sweet cravings. Always, go for seasonal fruits. Seasonal fruits don’t harm you.
Some of the fruits you can eat with every major meal includes,
  1. Melons – Water fruits! You can even eat a whole water melon or musk melon, it doesn’t harm you.
  2. Berries and Cherries – Low in calories, high in fiber.
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Grapes
  5. Citrus Fruits
  6. Papaya
  7. Guava
Eat fruits, not fruit juices


No junk snacking. This is a must if you wish for rapid weight loss. If you feel hungry in between meals, go for green tea or herbal tea with skimmed milk or no milk at all! You may also have fruits, or vegetables like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes etc. if you feel hungry in between meals.

Barley in Breakfast

Barley is the new oatmeal! A recent research by Swedish researchers found that barley controls your hunger. The reason behind is the low glycemic index, which curbs hunger for a longer time. So, add barley in your list of breakfast items and lose weigh fast.

Get a Detox for faster weight loss

Cleanse your system to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body. Guess what, you can lose up to 7 to 10 pounds upon detox.
  • Kick start your morning with a glass of warm lemon juice with honey
  • Avoid dairy products if you wish to detox
  • Eat more ginger
  • Drink coriander or cilantro juice to detox
  • Fresh beetroot juice not only gives you the hemoglobin boost, but also has a detox effect.

Drink ice water

Oh yes, it works! When you drink ice water, your body works extra to increase the temperature of the water. So, it aids in burning calories. Isn’t that interesting!

Exercise more, Lose more weight, faster!

This is something you cannot ignore when you want to lose weight faster.
  • Try pushups, spot jogging, etc.
  • Skip the lift and take stairs.
  • Climb stairs at least 5 to 10 times a day (no break). That’s a good cardio workout! According to centre for disease control, you can lose up to 30 pounds a year when you climb up and down for 10 minutes!
  • Walk before and after dinner. University of Glasgow in Scotland conducted a research about walking before and after dinner. 20 minutes Walking before dinner reduced appetite and you eat lesser. 20 minutes walking after dinner helps you in digestion, burn calories and help getting good sleep.
Short bouts are effective than longer ones 
Remember, short and intense bouts of exercises are always better than the longer and less frequent workouts.

Refresh your food memories, lose weight fast

To lose weight faster, go back to the old eating habits.

Best Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner in losing weight, you must understand that weight loss may be a longer journey than what you have imagined. So, you should stick to certain aspects to continue in this journey and achieve your goals.

What caused weight gain?

First thing, analyze what caused weight gain. There are many reasons that accounts in gaining weight. Think about it to get an idea what went wrong. So, you can avoid those traps.
  • Overeating
  • Pregnancy (post pregnancy weight gain is very common)
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • No physical activity
  • Too much stress
  • Medical conditions

Take a before photo

Okay, this is your motivation! Take a before photo and mark the date and the weight on the photo. You can compare the photo with some of your old photos where you look slim or not too heavy with good physique or figure. Just look at the photo every day, it will motivate you!

Don’t rush

Sometimes, beginners get no idea about weight loss. You just want to try everything under the sky that could help you lose weight.
Take baby steps, not giant leaps!

Set realistic goals

Don’t pay attention to such phrases as ‘Lose 20 pounds in a week!’ ’10 kg weight loss in 2 weeks!’ These are some unrealistic weight loss goals. This can never happen and if you try for something like this, you will end up ruining your health. Set realistic goals that is within your reach.  Decide
  • How much weight you want to lose?
  • How much weight you want to lose in one week, one month, two months and so on.
  • Challenge yourself with realistic goals.
Losing around 2 or 3 pounds a week is realistic. Don’t rush. Remember the saying, slow and steady wins the race.

Expect no change for few days

You walk for 2 hours a day and find no change in yourself when you look at the mirror. You walk for 3 hours a day and still remain the same!
Remember, nothing will change until a few days, sometimes, a few weeks. As you tend to follow it regularly, gradually in around 2 to 4 weeks you can notice the visible difference in how you look.
However, there are many who realized the loss of a couple of inches and a few pounds in around two weeks. You might be lucky too. But don’t lose heart if it doesn’t turn up so. You will lose weight, ultimately!

Don’t give-up in the middle

A lot of things may pull you back from trying the weight loss regimen. Remember, nothing can ruin you unless you decide to ruin yourself. Regardless of any reason, don’t give up in the middle!

Patience is the key

Patience is the real key. You haven’t noticed how much you gained and how many sizes you increased for so long. So, you cannot expect the results any sooner.

Don’t do anything dramatic

Walking for an hour burns certain amount of calories, and running burns more calories! For instance, if 30 minutes running burn 200 calories, 1 hour walking does the same. However, you can’t just go so dramatic by trying to run for 300 minutes to burn 2000 calories or walk 6 or 7 hours. This will make you sick and will ruin all your efforts for weight loss.

Don’t step up on the scale daily

This specific action can demotivate you! You are trying with utmost sincerity to lose weight. Yet checking the weighing scale everyday doesn’t make you lose weight. In fact, when you find no difference in your weight, it affects your efforts.

Look for healthy alternatives

There are always healthy choices available for every unhealthy food. Instead of taking white rice, eat organic, and less processed rice like brown rice, red rice and millet.
  • You don’t need to change your dietary habits completely.
  • Gradually increase new healthy foods one by one.
  • Instead of deep frying, saute the foods.
  • No fried chips, but baked goodies.
  • No bottled beverages, but fresh fruit juices

Don’t starve before you eat

It is good to eat only when you feel hungry. However, don’t starve yourself to eat. Just eat when your hunger pangs kicks you.
When you are too hungry, you don’t really make healthier choices.

Drink a glass of water before your meals

So, this is apparent that drinking water reduces the quantity of food you eat.

Join with others (if you can spare time)

It is essential you should join a gym or any yoga center to get training from professionals. If you have time to spare for around 1 hour a day, don’t hesitate. The time you spend on workout helps you lose weight faster. It also keeps you motivated.

Don’t eat too little

Even if you are too cautious about calories, you shouldn’t eat less than 1200 calories a day. Anything lower than that compromises your metabolism and leads to metabolic damage and weight loss resistance. It causes your metabolism to shutdown. In such a case, hormone activity doesn’t remain normal and weight loss becomes difficult if not impossible.

Eat your favorite foods at restaurants to limit the quantity

Each one of us have a favorite food. When you want to eat favorite food, but worried about eating too much, eat in a restaurant. You will be a little bit more cautious to limit the quantity of food you eat. For instance, ice creams. You can eat as much ice creams as you want because your brain loses the ability to control you when you eat it. If you carry big boxes of ice creams at home, you will end up eating the whole box. So, treat your taste buds with your favorite foods at restaurants. But that’s occasional. Daily having ice creams or any other restaurant food will never let you lose weight!

Keep a food journal

Just write down what you eat from morning to night. It makes you a little bit accountable on eating healthy foods.

Some easy ways to trigger weight loss

  • Don’t always think about eating for weight loss! What should I eat, how much should I eat, etc. Just make sure you add more fresh and organic produce. Make sure your food habits are changed for weight loss.
  • Chew mint or an apple when you are hungry. According to a research, the smell and taste of these two ingredients make you less hungry.
  • Have you ever noticed why the fast food joints, chat corners, etc. are painted in vibrant shades of red, orange, or yellow? They make you eat more. To avoid over eating, go blue. Blue is an appetite suppressant and you can buy the serving plates in blue.
  • Enjoy high calorie food as an accent, not a main dish
  • If you are going to indulge in a heavy feast, go for fat-burning foods like whole grains, lean meat, lentils, hot peppers, green tea etc.
  • Brush your teeth immediately after dinner. It reduces the sweet cravings and mid night snacking.
  • Follow the 1:1:5 Rule! Fasting, Feasting and Dieting! One day fast, one day feast and 5 days dieting.
Above all, de-stress! Stress inhibits weight loss. Stay away from stress and you can easily drop many sizes down.
These are some simple ways and best weight loss tips you can follow to get rid of the excess weight.

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