Top 10 Tips to Minimize the Health Risks of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become an integral part of life and it seems that majority of population on the planet possesses one. It will not come as a surprise when I say mobile phones emit radiation. And now we have been endangered by smartphones too. The health risks of smartphones are many. They actually increase the already existing threat from the radiations of wireless devices.

Technically speaking, the radiation emitted by cellphones is similar to that which is emitted by microwaves and is better known as RF or low level radio frequency. Many researches have been carried out and it was just last year that the WHO made a declaration that the cell phone radiation can be carcinogenic. A carcinogen is a substance, radionuclide, or a radiation that directly causes cancer. Although there is no clarity on the real dangers posed by mobile phones but if this declaration concerns you, then you can take the following steps to reduce the health risks from mobile phones.

Ways to Reduce Health Risks of Mobile Phones

Here are the key cell phone safety tips that will minimize the harmful effects caused by the mobile phone radiations.


Use Land-line phone instead of mobile phones

The first one is simple, do not use the mobile phone and use landlines instead. Is this too much for you? Well, if you cannot completely stop using your mobile phone, at least restrict its usage. When at home or office where you have a landline phone installed, use that phone.

Talk on mobile phones for short period

If the mobile phone must be used, you can keep the calls short. You can also get a headphone for mobile. Using a wired microphone and earpiece will drastically reduce the emission that you will otherwise absorb. Avoid using Bluetooth headpieces too as they also transmit data with the help of radio waves. Anything that doesn’t have a cable pose a health hazard, whether it is your mobile phone or the Bluetooth device!

Use speaker of mobile phone whenever possible

Yes, whenever you are alone or you don’t mind others listening to your conversation, make calls on speakerphone. Keeping your phone even a few inches away from your body can reduce the radiation that you will absorb otherwise. Sometimes when you need to take longer calls and when you don’t want to disturb others, find a place where no one is around and use this useful speaker feature of your mobile phone.

Prevent children from using mobile phones

Children must avoid using mobile phones. Their skulls are thinner as compared to the adults and the radiation can penetrate their brain more deeply. This causes more damage to their developing brains. If sometimes, it becomes essential to let them speak on the phone, keep the mobile phone at least 15 cm away from their ear. You can also use speaker feature to allow them to talk on your mobile phone whenever need arises.


Don’t talk on mobile phone when it shows low network signal

Try not to use your mobile phone when the signal is weak. Go out or near a window to get optimum signal. In fact, too strong signal is also not good for health. As such, you should avoid using mobile phones when you are moving at a high speed. At such times, the mobile phone makes repeated attempts to connect to the new antenna. Thus, the power is increased to a maximum. More the strength of the signal, more is the emission of radiation.

Don’t use mobile phones in enclosed spaces

Enclosed spaces, especially those made with metal can magnify the RF radiation. For example, in a parked car or a lift. Your body absorbs these radiations at a higher rate when you are using your mobiles in such ‘cage’ type places. You must also avoid talking when in basement or tunnels.

Keep your mobile phone at a distance from yourself

Do not place or carry your mobile phone next to your body. It is always harmful to carry them in your pockets. Keep them in your bag or backpack. Avoid placing it under your pillow or next to your bedside. When not using your mobile phone or when you are forced to place it next to your body, use the off-line or flight mode. This way, there won’t be any electromagnetic emissions. In case, it is really important to carry your phone, make sure that the keypad faces your body. Since the back will be away from you, the electromagnetic waves will not move through you.

Don’t sleep with your mobile phone next to yourself

It is better to keep your mobile phone switched off at night. If you can’t, then keep it outside your bedroom. Check all the missed calls and texts in the morning. The radiation that your mobile phone emits at night not only disturbs your sleep but may lead to various conditions like allergies, heart palpitations, muscle pain, weakness, and daytime irritability. In long term, these can lead to a weak immune system and hormonal imbalance, a real danger for your health.

Buy low radiation models of mobile phones

Select a mobile phone that does not emit too much of radiation. More and more manufacturers are making a conscious effort to produce low radiation models. Check the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the phone before buying it. SAR is a measure of microwave radiation absorbed by human body tissue from using a cell phone. The lower the SAR value, the better for your health. There are certain regulations regarding SAR levels of mobile phones in some countries. For example, cellphones in the US cannot exceed an SAR level of 1.6 watts per kg (W/kg). And in Europe, the maximum SAR level cannot exceed 2W/kg. If you are in a country where there is no such regulation, you can take these values as your guideline to select a mobile phone.

Turn off the wireless router at night

Smartphones have increased our exposure to the harmful electronic radiation. Mobile phones are now almost always used to access internet. If you have a wireless router, keep it in a room which is less visited by you or your family members. Never keep it in your bedroom. Even if you keep it in a faraway room, turn it off at night. So, have no routers, no cell phones, no wireless phones etc. in your bedroom.

A little effort from your side will save you and your near and dear ones from harmful and carcinogenic wavelengths emitted by the mobile phones. Give it a thought! You can actually reduce the health hazards caused by cell phones!

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