Foods that Help in Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

blood-sugar-lowering-foods-listIf you are a diabetic and want to cut on the high blood sugar level, this article is for you because it tells you about blood sugar lowering foods.

Blood Sugar Lowering Foods List

Here is a list of foods and some light thrown on how they complement your regular medicines in lowering your blood sugar levels. Remember, these are only complementary to your diabetic treatment and cannot replace it. So, just add these ingredients while cooking or while having snacks or meals and be worry free about sudden upsurge in your blood sugar levels.


You can snack on almonds and walnuts as they are diabetes healing foods. They have high fibre and protein content that help in slashing sugar levels of your blood. A study published in International Journal of Obesity says that almonds are bulky and filling and they do not even cause spike in blood sugar levels. If you regularly have almonds, you might be able to stop further progressing of diabetes as you need lesser insulin then. A handful of almonds, either soaked overnight or fresh ones can do wonders for your diabetes management.

Black Plum (Jamun)


With low carb and high fibre content, black plum has always been a favorite fruit for the ancient Indian Ayurvedic doctors who used Jamun seeds to treat diabetes. The seeds of black plum contains a chemical (a type of glucose) called jamboline. This jamboline checks the conversion of starch into sugar when the production of glucose increases. Just have fresh anti diabetic fruit Jamun or powder its seeds and use in your dishes to check your sugar levels!


Cinnamon in fact mimics the action of insulin. The essential oil of cinnamon has a compound called cinnamonaldehye which can lower fastring blood glucose. It stabilises the blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. Add cinnamon powder with tea, coffee, oatmeal, toast or any other thing that you eat everyday. However, do not exceed its consumption to avoid mouth sores.


A study in Diabetes Care Journal says that the constituent of Turmeric called curcumin lowers blood sugar levels. This spice also helps check the progression of the disease. Turmeric can be easily used while cooking and adding it to lentils, vegetables and other dishes.

Fenugreek Seeds

Yet another Indian herb, fenugreek or methi dana is useful for lowering sugar levels as they improve metabolic symptoms related to Type 2 diabetes. As it is high in soluble fibres, it helps in lowering blood sugar levels by slowing digestion and absorbing carbohydrates. A teaspoon full of fenugreek seeds can be swallowed with water before half an hour when you have meals. However, the aromatic (a little bitter also) seeds can well be used for tempering or in dishes like lentils, porridges etc. Germinated seeds are better than dried ones, if you like to have them.

Bitter Gourd

Now, you knew this, bitter gourd or karela is a miracle vegetable for diabetics! It plays an important role in producing insulin thereby controlling blood sugar levels. The seeds of this gourd contain ‘plant insulin’ peptides which resemble insulin and also work like natural insulin secreted by our pancreatic glands. It has at least three anti diabetic substances- charantin, vicine and polypeptide-p. However, don’t deep fry it. If frying, fry it mildly. You can even have it in boiled form with a little salt and a drop of mustard oil. Your taste buds get used to this bitter vegetable soon and you’ll see how you enjoy it along with lowering your blood sugar levels!

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