Lifestyle Changes for Good Health and How to Achieve Them

There are just four lifestyle changes for good health- only four things that you need to be healthy! You know them already; they are regular exercise, balanced diet, normal weight and no smoking! But how to achieve them? This article will tell you how to bring these simple lifestyle changes in the most easy way so that you can achieve good health.


Lifestyle Changes for Health

Do you remember your childhood days when you did not have to worry about anything whether it is food habit, sleeping or any other activity! However, as we grow and begin facing various issues in life, our bodies start responding to them differently. There are bodily changes, hormonal changes, changes in metabolic rate, and changes in stress level. From happy beings, we suddenly convert ourselves into mature adults who rarely smile and feel as light as they had once felt- when they were children! We forget that we exist to be happy and happiness comes, among other things, with good health! There are many tips on what should you do to be healthy but they all will need you to bring some lifestyle changes. Before knowing how you can bring these lifestyle changes for good health, let’s know what is good health and why is it so important?

What is Good Health?

If you are searching for its answer, you don’t have to look outwards. See inside yourself and think! What comes to your mind when you think of GOOD? Nice, Pleasant, Well, Fresh, Angelic, Saintly, and any other feeling that feels good. Good health is all these feelings. When you feel fresh and light all the time, you don’t have to think about carrying your body, it’s then when you owe a good health! In fact, health itself is good- health is one of the synonyms of the term good!

If you want the formal meaning of good health, you can go with this definition given by World Health Organization – ‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’

Importance of Good Health

Importance of good health can never be exaggerated.


  • Health is wealth. A healthy body is an asset, not only for you but also for your family, community and society. On the other hand, an ailing and weak body becomes a liability for all.
  • Health makes up a personality. If you do not feel good and healthy, all your energy and enthusiasm to perform gets lost. It shows up in your poor performance at office, society and even at home. Consistent negative situations dry up all your confidence and your personality suffers.
  • Health brings balance in life. Good Health combines physical, mental, psychological and emotional well-being. You are healthy when your body, mind and soul are healthy. You might have lots of money and materialistic comforts but when your mind and soul are not calm, you can’t feel happy.
  • Health makes you acceptable in society. When you are healthy, you feel good. When you feel good, you stay good to all. When you are good to all, you are loved by all. On the contrary, unhealthy body leads to stressed and disturbed mind which in turn leads to confrontation with one and all.
  • Good health gives you a long life. A wholesome long life not only makes you prosper but also help others to prosper in life when you guide them with the lifelong experiences you earn.

Good Health Plan- The Strategy to be Healthy

Good health plan is not the insurance cover that you buy in fear of bad health consequences. A good health plan is your planning to stay healthy in whatever way you can. In our busy lives, we often give less importance to health over other matters like our career and social and family obligations. While career and other responsibilities too are important, we cannot underestimate the importance of good health. You can fulfill all your duties only when you are healthy. So, today itself, you should make a good health plane- a plan to have healthy lifestyle changes.


Healthy Lifestyle Changes

What are the lifestyle changes that you need in order to achieve the state of good health? There are not too many of them, only four to count- regular exercising, balanced diet, normal weight and non-smoking- that’s all! However, you may find it easy to read and hear but difficult to adopt in your daily routine. So, how can you bring in these healthy lifestyle changes? Here are some ways to easily achieve these goals to stay healthy. You’ll love the level of ease involved in these ways to achieve healthy lifestyle changes. However, you must remember one thing- what you think is what you become. If you train your mind to control your body and spirit then only will you be able to adopt even these simple ways to change your daily habits.

1. Regular Exercise



Exercise Regularly for Good Health

There can be a thousand excuses for not exercising daily but there is only one way to start exercising- firm decision. When you decide to do what you want to, nobody can stop you. The best thing would be to start your day a little early- 30 minutes to be precise. Wake up every day half an hour earlier and exercise. It can be anything- aerobics, cardio, yoga- anything that you are comfortable with. If you like, you can do Surya Namaskar Yoga. It’s a wholesome exercise for all your body parts. However, if you can’t manage to exercise in the morning, there are other ways to begin and continue moving your body throughout the day.

How to Include Exercise in Your Daily Routine

  • Walk to the nearest market whenever you want something to buy. It will save fuel and burn your fat while keeping you fit.
  • Park your car as far as you can- at office, when you go shopping or whenever you are out with your vehicle. Then walk towards your destination.
  • During the day, take ‘walk-breaks’ whenever you can. Even a 5-10 minutes’ walk will contribute to your daily walking need.
  • We all should, at least, walk for 30 minutes a day. This can be a 30 minutes’ walk at a stretch or divided into three 10 minutes’ walk.
  • Play with your kids. It’s a very good stress buster too.
  • If you have a pet, you may also like to play with it or take it along for a walk- a great form of exercise.
  • Take stairs and avoid elevators- the good old mantra to exercise. You have heard it a lots of time, now start doing it.
  • Don’t just sit on couch and watch TV after getting back home in the evening. Do some activity that you love to do. It can be anything- walking; swimming; cycling; gardening; playing badminton, tennis or other such game- anything that makes your body move.
  • Contribute to house work once in a while. You may do it weekly. Some works that you can do include dusting, scrubbing floors, cleaning bath tubs, mowing lawns. Think about other works that you can do to move your bod.

2. Balanced Diet



Have Balanced Diet for Good Health

What we eat is very important as the body gets its required energy and nutrition from food we eat. We are what we consume. If you eat single food type or only one group of food, your body will not be able to function effectively. Your mind as well as body will not grow to the requisite levels as per your age. If you neglect the nutritional requirements of your body, you might develop various diseases. So, it’s always wise to include healthy foods in your daily diet plan.

  • Use a light medium to cook food. Olive oil is preferred by many as good source of fat needed by body.
  • The Right Way of Cooking Vegetables so that you do not destroy the nutrition factor.
  • Eat vegetables with every meal. Leafy greens and tomatoes etc. are good along with other vegetables.
  • Have at least two legume meals every week.
  • Have two servings of fish every week. Oily fish like salmon, sardines are good source of omega-3. If you are a vegetarian and don’t eat fish, you should have nutritional supplement for fish oil omega-3.
  • If you eat meat, have it only once or twice a week and that too in smaller portions.
  • Have fresh fruits every day. Three servings of seasonal fruits during the day are best to have.
  • Dry fruits and nuts could be had as snacks or even as dessert.
  • Include dairy products like low fat milk, yogurt in your daily meal. Have cheese in moderation.
  • Have wholegrain breads and cereals with meals. Don’t exceed your intake; have only 3-4 slices of bread each day. If having rice someday, adjust your intake by lowering the amount of other carbs.
  • If having wine every day, consume it in moderation- a standard drink a day. Its better if you skip having alcohol twice or thrice a week.
  • Avoid sweets, sweet dishes and sweet drinks (cold drinks) in your regular everyday diet. Have them only occasionally- on special occasions.

3. Maintaining a Normal Weight

Watching your weight is an essential factor. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight prevents many diseases and medical conditions. You can easily avoid heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems and even certain types of cancers just by keeping your weight at an acceptable range.


You just have to watch the incoming and outgoing energy to and from your body. If you take in more energy and do not spend it, you will gain weight. However, if you spend out more energy than its intake, you will lose weight. If you follow the above two rules of doing regular exercise and having balanced diet, you can balance your energy flow and are ought to maintain a normal weight.

4. Not Smoking


Why smoking is bad for health? Because it leads to serious diseases and medical conditions. Did you know that smoking is the biggest cause for preventable deaths in the world? Just by quitting smoking, you can avoid such health risks as heart/cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and peripheral vascular disease. 90% of lung cancer patients develop the disease due to smoking. The toxic compounds of a cigarette like nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar are carcinogenic and they not only bring in these diseases but also damage body cells as well as lead to such conditions as impotence (erectile dysfunction); optic neuropathy (related to eyes); cataracts; psoriasis; gum disease; tooth loss; osteoporosis; Raynaud’s phenomenon (fingers turning white or blue when exposed to cold). When you quit smoking, you may get these health benefits:

  • Normalized breathing
  • Improved skin appearance
  • Reduction of cough
  • Decreased risk of heart attack
  • Decreased risk of lung cancer

While it takes only few days/ months to get the top three benefits but 10-15 years to get the last two benefits! From this only, you can know how smoking makes your health hollow from within. If you already know these risks of smoking and had earlier tried to quit smoking but could not do so due to uneasiness caused by Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms, you might want to know How to Deal with Symptoms to Quit Smoking

Now you are aware of all the four pillars of good health- regular exercise, balanced diet, normal weight and non-smoking. You also know how to easily adopt them. It’s your turn now to analyze whether or not all these four elements are present in your life. If not, just be strong and include these healthy lifestyle changes to achieve good health. After all, it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver!

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