How to Stay Cool in Summer?

Summers are here! If you dread summers just because you can’t keep yourself cool in this season, here are some tips for you to stay cool in summer.

Wear Cotton, Use Cotton, Stay Cool in Summers

Yes, cotton is cool! If you want to know why to wear cotton in summer, here are some reasons. Cotton is a breathable fabric, it allows air to circulate properly. Its high absorbent property keeps you dry when you sweat a lot in summers! You thus save yourself from fungal and other infections and keep yourself cool and dry! Also wearing lose clothes, preferably of light colors, allow being cool! Also use cotton bed sheets and other furnishings made with cotton so that you stay cool everywhere in summers!

Take Cold Showers Often in Summers

Showers improve your blood circulation thus making oxygen available to all parts of body. This prevents you from getting high blood pressure and heart diseases. It also keeps you cool mentally and you won’t feel exhausted or heated up easily, a behaviour that is very common in summers! A cold shower boosts your energy tremendously, so needed on lethargic summer days! So, don’t forget to take cool showers at least twice a day and at most as many times as you can manage!

Drink lots of Water and Healthy Fluids

Water. a lots of water is needed in summers to avoid dehydration. It also keeps you cool from within. If you can’t have too much of plain water, substitute it with healthy drinks like fruit juices, coconut water, lemon juice, etc. But please, no caffeinated drinks or alcohol! They actually cause dehydration. Instead have herbal teas, preferably cold or chilled herbal teas!

Have lots of Summer Vegetables and Fruits

Nature is always on our side. This is proved by the availability of such fruits and vegetables in summers that contain lots of water. They make you cool from within! So, have melons, water melons, cucumber, squash, tomatoes and such other vegetables and fruits that are the gifts of nature to keep you cool in summers!

Stay Away from Sun, Organize Summer Day Carefully

Organize your day wisely. Start early when it is still cool. Avoid scheduling meetings during daytime when sun is in its full form. If you can’t avoid this on certain days, take full measures to keep yourself safe from the heat. Wear lose cotton wear, use sunglasses, cover your head with cotton fabric or use umbrella and keep on drinking water or healthy fluids!

Workout but Don’t Exhaust Yourself

Change the way you exercise. In summers, restrict outdoor exercises or do it in the morning or late evening. If you can’t manage the time, scale down your exercise. Walk and don’t run. Exercise for lesser time. This will help you stay cool in summers. You may also consider indulging in summer specific exercises like swimming!

This Infographic will further tell you 10 ways to keep cool when it’s hot. So, enjoy your trip to beach or garden or just stay indoors but do not forget to follow these summer health tips to stay cool!

Keep Cool Infographic Source: Friendseat

If these tips to stay cool this summer aren’t enough, follow the below mentioned unusual ways to keep yourself cool in this hot season.

Make your pulse point chill! Keep your wrist under running cold water or splash some chilled water over your pulse point just as you do to your face.

Cool your head! It cools your entire body. Use a cool absorbent pillow made up of organic cotton, it helps.

Have smaller frequent meals! Why? Because rich protein meals incite the metabolic fire of your body. so, have smaller, frequent meals to feel cooler. This way, you keep your weight in check too.

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