How Does Modern Healthcare Touch Lives?

What a time to write about modern healthcare and how it touches our lives! Just yesterday, Angelina Jolie, the beauty icon, keeping her career at stake, had written about her preventive double mastectomy after she discovered that she had a mutated gene, the BRCA1 gene. She says, this gene had placed her under great risk of developing breast cancer. Like her mother, she could have left her children and she did not want this to happen. So she kept her health over beauty. She also says she doesn’t feel any lesser a woman! Thanks to her breast reconstruction. Wow, what an exemplary step. And wow, what a medical advancement! Her children would continue to get their mother’s affection. And that’s the way modern healthcare touches lives.

From Pain to Joy

Some would argue, how many people could have gone through such an expensive genetic test and surgery, set aside the aftercare expenses. I say yes but that was also a fact about knee replacement surgery a few years ago. How many of the limping women could have undergone the surgery after hearing those whopping lakhs and the risk of getting bedridden forever. And today, I see my mom-in-law walking happily, as normal as she could, after her knee replacement surgery that was conducted at Apollo Hospital, Kolkata in 2012 by Dr. Buddhadeb Chatterjee, to whom she’ll be grateful forever. I can see a dozen of faces in my family, my neighborhood and wherever I go- the happily beaming faces with those confident steps. These faces, I had seen before, used to have painful expression that had climbed up from their distorted knees towards their face and eyes. Thanks to the continued researches, this treatment is now accessible to the common people too. This is how modern healthcare is touching the lives of women, making them comfortable and joyous.

Snatching Lives from Death

Why only women? Didn’t you remember the heroic battle of Yuvraj Singh against cancer? Modern medicine made his cancer treatment possible to give a lease of life to our cricketing hero and also to Cricket- the passion of India inseparable from the lives of Indians!

Bringing Bundles of Joy to Earth

If they say cinema- yet another passion of India- reflects society, I say yes it does. Vicky Donor, the much appreciated film of our recent times has shown how sperm donation can bring smiles to the faces of desperate disappointed ‘want-to-become-parents’. If this is not a wonder created by modern healthcare facilities, what is it then? Not only sperm donation, even test tube babies born through IVF and those born through surrogacy are modern medical wonders. The very fine example of this can be found in the new fatherhood of Aamir Khan and motherhood of his wife Kiran Rao. This is how modern healthcare touches lives, by bringing bundles of joys to longing parents.

Making Future Secure

Not very long ago, I also came to know about the stunning technique of stem cell preservation. Till recently, only celebrities were preserving their babies’ umbilical cords which can be used to treat critical ailments in the future. Now even common people are opting for stem cell preservation. This is how modern healthcare touches lives, by making our future healthy.

Many of the readers would now be complaining about me citing examples of celebrities. We have end number of examples about celebrities because they are talked about more often by many people. It’s not that common people are not availing modern healthcare cutting edge technologies but they do not make news, you and I do not come to know about them. Ok, if you so insist, I will give some examples from common life too, those that have made news, about acid attack victims.

Granting Beauty with Pride

Cosmetic surgery is one of the modern healthcare facilities that have brought somewhat consolation to the acid attack victims with their distorted faces and crying souls. Why think about such grave situations? Cosmetic surgery, in fact, has become a way of life. The young crowd, especially from college or those just out of college are using cosmetic surgery to improve their looks by correcting their facial features. They do so to get social recognition as a presentable personality. Bariatric surgery, liposuction and such other weight loss techniques are yet other examples from common life. Not to forget the new anti-aging therapies like botox, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, laser therapy, vegetal placenta etc. helping people- common as well as celebrities- stay young forever! This is how modern healthcare is touching lives of people by giving them good looks and elevated sense of pride!

Making Everyday Life Possible

These were only a few examples from real life to put across the word about how modern health care touches lives, there are many more of them- liver transplant, heart transplant, wonder drugs for lifestyle disease like diabetes and hypertension- we all take them for granted without realizing how much efforts had been put to invent them, to make them available to you and me. We could just pop that common cold pill very casually without recognizing how these little pills too touch our lives- each day, each moment- by keeping us healthy and normal!

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