What is Nintendo Wii Fit? Is the Exercise Game Worth for Fitness?

It’s January 1- the first day of the new year 2013. And all you tech savvy there must be searching for means to keep up with your new year resolutions! As far as I know, 90- 92% resolutions carry ‘will stay fit’ statement, thanks to those really inspiring fitness quotes. So, you have now come accross this term- Nintendo Wii Fit – in all the write ups that promise you the ways to stay fit and even more to stay motivated to follow your resolution to keep fit! What is Nintendo Wii Fit anyway? It’s a video game but not an ordinary one. It’s a sport video game, to be more precise a video game that helps you in staying fit with the help of a virtual personal trainer for you. Sounds interesting!


What is Wii Fit and the Balance Board?

The Nintendo Wii fit, component of the Wii gaming console, comes complete with a Balance Board. In the very beginning, you should understand that you must own a Wii to use Wii Fit. A Wii costs around $250 and Wii Fit costs around $90. It consists of a CD having exercises, certain information about fitness and certain accessories including a balance board. Wii fit balance board looks like a plastic board and almost all exercises need it. The balance board can sense- your fitness level and whether you position yourself correctly while doing balancing exercises on it.


Apart from balance games, Wii Fit also lets you do yoga, strength training, and aerobics from basic run to hula-hooping. Initially, there are only few choices for these but as you go on exercising and for more time, you are presented with more games that are even more challenging.

How is Wii Fit Used?

As soon as you boot up the Wii Fit software on the Wii console, you have to create an avatar with a nickname, facial features, and body type that matches your own with the help of the game’s signature ‘wiimote.’ You have to enter your date of birth, sex, and height and after that activate the balance board to step up for your first weigh-in. Here you come to know your weight, body mass index (BMI), and your ‘Wii fit age,’ which can be a little older than your actual age. You are now ready to start your fitness regime with all balancing games that are instructed to you by your trainer on Wii Fit who give demos and show you how to do the actual exercise. Your trainer appreciates you when you do the right thing and also suggests you how to keep training for better results.

Is Nintendo Wii Fit Worth At All?

One thing that Wii Fit does is gets you moving, provided you run it everyday and do whatever is said by the trainer even after a week you buy it and not let it eat dust! However, it only focuses on balance exercises with slow and controlled motions. The regular gym goers are not likely to obtain any benefits from it as they work out more than just the core workout. While people with sedentary lifestyle might get their body moved through WiiFit, people habitual of exercising can only benefit if they manage to stick to the thing till more challenging games are presented to them.

In all, while Nintendo Wii Fit is a good accompaniment of regular workout or other exercises, it cannot be independently taken as the wholesome fitness regime. It is fun to do and keeps you motivated but you need to supplement it with more rigorous exercises to stay fit. In fact, it’s the other way round, your regular exercising can be suplemented with Wii Fit for fun element and for keeping you motivated rather than solely depending upon the game to keep you fit!

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