How to do Hair Spa at Home? Steps for At Home Hair Spa

How to Do Hair Spa at Home!
Hair spa today has become the most preferable treatment for damaged hair. If your hair looks malnourished, dry, brittle, and rough or with split ends, you are almost always advised to do hair spa treatment. However, a beauty parlor or hair salon might ask for a lot of money to make your hair look and feel good! Moreover, you need to have multiple sittings for your hair to get the desirable shine and strength. So, why not do hair spa at home? Here’s how to do hair spa at home!

How to do Hair Spa at Home

Steps for At Home Hair Spa

There are 5 steps of hair spa- massaging, steaming, washing, conditioning and applying hair mask. As is obvious from these steps, we can easily do hair spa at home. At home hair spa is much cheaper as parlours will use branded hair cosmetics to do all these steps. More famous the brand, more will it cost. At home, you can use natural things to do hair spa. This will cost less and will be devoid of any chemicals that might harm your hair in the long run. Thus, At Home Hair Spa is easy to do, cheaper option and can be done regularly too! So let’s know how to do hair spa at home!

Massaging Hair with Oil

how to do hair spa at home
At Home Hair Spa # 1 – Oil Massage
As the first step of hair spa at home, give a good massage to your hair with nourishing oil. This can be any one of the oils good for hair such as olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. Massage the hair for about fifteen to twenty minutes.


Giving Steam to Oiled Hair

how to do hair spa at home
At Home Hair Spa # 2 -Hair Steaming
When you finish off with oil massaging, take some warm water and dip a towel in it. Squeeze and let out all the water from the towel. Now wrap this warm towel around your head covering all your hair. This helps oil penetrate deep into the scalp. This will take another 15-20 minutes.

Washing Hair with Shampoo

how to do hair spa at home
At Home Hair Spa # 3 – Shampooing
Now wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can even let the oiled hair stay as it is for a night and wash the day after. If you are washing right away after steaming, remember to use lukewarm water for washing hair.

Applying Conditioner to Hair

how to do hair spa at home
At Home Hair Spa # 4 -Hair Conditioning
After shampooing, condition hair with a hair conditioner that suits your hair. You can even use natural hair conditioners like tea and lemon conditioner. For this, add tea leaves to boiling water and let it boil for another couple of minutes. Then strain it and let it cool down. Now take one lime and add its juice to the tea water. Rinse hair with this after shampooing. 

Applying Hair Mask

how to do hair spa at home
At Home Hair Spa # 5 -Hair Mask

The last step of hair spa is to apply hair mask to your hair. This gives the required nourishment to hair and makes it shine and look fabulous. You can always buy a hair mask but to cut down on cost and to get benefits of natural things, you might also use natural hair masks.

Egg hair mask is suitable for all types of hair. Mix two eggs with some coconut oil and make a smooth mixture out of it. Now apply this to hair while massaging. Take whole eggs for normal hair but only egg whites for oily hair and egg yolk for dry brittle hair. Cover the hair with warm towel again for about twenty minutes and then wash off with shampoo.

It was as simple as that! You have now successfully done hair spa at home! Repeat the above procedure to do hair spa once a week for about a month. Thereafter you can do it once a month or as required. Regular Hair Spa at home will make your hair soft, shining, strong, manageable and superbly textured!

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