5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day!

Every year 5 June is celebrated as the World Environment Day. We are safe only when our earth’s environment is safe. For this, we must conform to the rules of nature. Then only we’ll be able to safeguard our environment- and save our earth, ourselves! Being healthy the natural way is one of the essential ways to pay respect to our Earth’s environment and also to protect it. So, here we go with the 5 healthy ways to celebrate Earth Day as well as Environment Day. In fact, these are the ideal ways to lead our whole life and be healthy forever. Start today and form the habit gradually to follow these tips to be healthy for a lifelong health! Make everyday Earth Day!


Everyday should be ‘World Environment Day’!

Have Green Healthy Food Menu!

Have lots of fruits and veggies. Use the right way ofcooking vegetables. If can’t do without a little bit of meat, try to have fish. If that won’t do, go for organic meat only! Avoid all aerated drinks and have natural beverages like fruit juice, coconut water, fresh lime juice etc.


To give environmental touch to your food menu today, try to buy locally produced foods that put minimal impact on environment. Instead of mass farmed meat, buy organic meat. The same applies to all your other food purchases- buy organic vegetables, fruits, spices and pluses. If planning to party today, decorate your table with recycled articles!

Reduce Global Warming while Exercising!

When you hit the gym and use that treadmill or the other gym equipment, you are consuming lots of power and releasing global warming ingredients into the atmosphere. Its good to exercise for health- just try to switch to natural mediums like yoga, aerobic exercises, walking, running, jogging, swimming etc.


Reduce Carbon Footprints while Traveling!

What applies to exercising, applies to your traveling options too. Let your car be parked in the garage and start car pooling to go to work- right from today! You will not only reduce carbon footprints but will also bond with your colleagues, share ideas, be more efficient at work- positive health effect to lessen your stress at work!


And when you go for shopping in the evening to the grocery shop, don’t ride your bike. Either use your bicycle or just walk down to the shop. This will make you fit giving you the right dose of exercise that you need after the whole day’s sitting at your office chair and will do a favor to the environment too!

Buy and Use Environment Friendly Products!

Because they are health friendly too! For example, you may use ‘vinegar-and-water mix’ to clean your kitchen counter. The same applies the toxic bleach cleaner that you use to clean toilets. You can, instead, use herbal toilet cleaners. This way, you are doing favor to your health too that gets deteriorated with the toxic fumes emitted by the chemical cleaners.


Other examples of environment friendly products include jute or cloth bags instead of plastic polythene bags, wooden toys in place of plastic or metal toys with lead content, recycled paper, herbal cosmetics, natural pesticides, and the list goes on- you just have to put a little effort to find them out- for the sake of your health and our environment!

Opt Green Fashion- Wear Natural and Organic Clothing!

When you can eat healthy then why can’t you wear healthy? Synthetic clothing or even the cotton ones made with conventional cotton grown with the help of pesticides don’t do any good to your skin’s health. So, wear organic cotton and other organic clothes made of such fibers as linen, bamboo, hemp and even soy fabric.

You will be amazed at the soft feel and touch they’ll provide to your skin. Additionally they are cool too, considering the hot days we have in June! Those living in the parts of world experiencing colder climate in this month can wear Cashmere and Alpaca clothing.

Where there’s a will there’s a way! If you really want to give yourself and your kids a healthy life, you must first make your planet healthy. Adopt greener living options- not only on the Environment day but for all your life. Be Healthy, be Happy!

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