How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain – Management & Treatment Options

This is perhaps the most common question today asked by the working population- How to get rid of lower back pain? Among all the causes for lower back pain, long hours of sitting/standing and that too with wrong posture takes the lead! Here we give you some sure shot pain management remedies to lower your back pain.


How to get rid of lower back pain

Lower back pain is a common health problem today. The causes for lower back pain include injuries, diseases, infections, and even inheritance but majority of people suffer from lower back pain due to the weight of the upper body which puts loads on the lower back. Thus, the first rule of back pain management is to learn habits that reduce the load of upper body on lower back! There are many ways for doing this which you will learn in this write up. You will also come to know that you can not only get rid of lower back pain through various pain management methods but also through various lower back treatment options that might include back pain drugs as well as alternative treatments for back pain like chiropractic treatment, acupuncture as well as various exercises for lower back pain.

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain through Pain Management Techniques

Lower back pain management techniques are simple and easy to follow but tough to remember! So, if you really want to get rid of your lower back pain, you should teach yourself hard to follow all these pain management methods.

Sit and stand properly to get rid of lower back pain

Properly doesn’t always mean sitting too straight. Slouching while sitting is one of the main causes of lower back pain. However, sitting too straight for longer can also put pressure on your lower back. If you have to keep sitting for most of the day, you should do this for a couple of times- lean back on chair with the help of your feet and a little curve in your back. You must also stand up quite often – every one hour if not more frequently than that! See this video to know how to sit and stand properly to cure lower back pain as well as to avoid it.

Lower Back Pain Management- Sitting & Standing Postures

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Practice caution whenever lifting heavy objects to prevent pressure on lower back

Whenever lifting heavy objects, squat close to the object keeping the back straight and the head up. Stand while putting pressure on the legs to lift the load. In short, lift with the knees and not with the back. Never twist or bend your body when lifting.

Do exercises to get relief from lower back pain

And do them regularly. These exercises are one of the most effective ways of lower back pain management as well as treatment. However, consult your doctor before doing any exercise for lower back because there might be some spine or disc related issues that may need caution while exercising. Your physician will be able to tell you the gentler exercises to begin with. Once you are able to subside your acute pain, you might start doing other advanced exercises to get rid of lower back pain. Here is a video showing some effective lower back pain exercises.

Lower Back Pain Exercises Video

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain through Various Treatment Options

You can always get rid of lower back pain through the ways suggested in the above section but when it comes to chronic lower back pain, you have to seek professional help and adopt one from many back pain treatment options available these days. What should be the treatment for your back pain can be decided only by your doctor after careful diagnosis. Some of the options available for lower back pain treatment include the following:

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