World Aids Day- Condom Usage Tips

On December 1- the World Aids Day- it is always the right thing to be aware of how to prevent from getting infected to HIV AIDS virus. The biggest cause of HIV infection is unsafe sex with an infected partner. So, here are some useful tips on using condoms for safer sex and for avoiding AIDS.

Condom Usage Tips


  • Always check the quality of condom you are buying. For this, you may check the quality certificate (like the CE mark for European countries and FDA approved mark for United States) on the package. So, find out what mark will ensure the quality of condoms in your country.
  • Always check the expiry date because expired condoms might not provide you with the essential protection.
  • Always wear the condom before you initiate physical contact between the penis and the vagina or even the anus. In fact, if you wear condom after getting a full erection, it gives you better protection. This will prevent sexually transmitted diseases and other viruses as well including the HIV.
  • Never forget to use condom for even a single occasion. If you have more than one partner and you enjoy sex even on holidays with ‘not so known’ partner, you must carry condoms with you all the time.
  • For longer sessions, it is always advisable to change condom with a new one every thirty minutes. They might break during these longer sessions with your partner and expose you to sexually transmitted diseases. Remember to change condom after ejaculation if you are in a mood to continue.
  • Always use a single condom and don’t think that double condoms would give you better protection. There is always a risk of two condoms rubbing with each other and causing friction resulting into breakage- this fact is applicable to both male condoms or a combination of male and female condom.
  • If you are using latex condom, don’t apply oil based products including moisturizers, creams and body oils for lubricating vagina or anus. They weaken condoms resulting into easy damage, leakage or breakage. You can always apply water based lubricants, like KY Jelly or Liquid Silk, easily available with chemists. Always put the extra lubrication on the outside of the condom.
  • After buying condoms, keep them away from heat and light- store condoms in cool dark places. If yours is a hot and humid atmosphere, store them in the refrigerator, more so in summers.
  • For disposing off condoms, wrap used condom in its foil packaging and then throw it in the trash. Never flush a used condom for disposing it off.

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