How to be Stress Free on Christmas!

As far as stress related to Christmas preparation is concerned, it depends on you. If you want to be stress free during holidays, you have to plan and prioritize while preparing for Christmas celebrations. Then only, you can remain stress free over the holidays. 


Tips for Stress-free Christmas

The tips on how to plan and organize for stress free holidays include the following:

  • Always Plan, Prioritize and Prepare
  • For planning, use ‘ to-do-lists’ and make these list days before Christmas arrives.
  • Stick a master ‘to-d0-list’ or your Christmas planner somewhere you can see every time like on the fridge or Kitchen wall. Keep one in your handbag and/or pocket so that you can keep track when you go out shopping.
  • Set your priorities about what is most important and what is least important for your Christmas celebrations. Work accordingly!
  • Prepare in advance. For example, set the Christmas dinner menu beforehand, write the Christmas cards when you get some free time even if it is a couple of months before Christmas.
  • Delegate your works. Involve children, senior members, spouse everyone in your preparations for Christmas.
  • Remember to have a good time during holidays. Take out some time for yourself too- go to spa, parlor or just relax. Believe it, if you plan and work accordingly you sure will get time to relax too.
  • No matter what, remind yourself to laugh and smile all through the holidays and Christmas day. A little mess here and there is all right. Christmas is meant to be happy and not being perfect! And happiness is what you get from within and from your loved ones. If they are happy just spending time with you on these special days, it won’t matter whether your home is perfectly decorated or not. It is also not important that you make lots of dishes for Christmas dinner, what is important is that you enjoy the few dishes that are on your table with your family and friends, making merry, laughing and smiling.

If, however, you have not planned and organized for your Christmas this year, you can still remain stress free! To know how, read How to Remain Stress Free on Christmas Day – Even if You Have not Organized Anything!

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