Health Tips on Wine Drinking

You might have heard that a drink (just 1 of it!) is healthy for heart and overall health. This seems to defy the age old wisdom of seeing wine as the enemy of our health. Is there any research finding or proof that says ‘drinking wine is healthy’, if at all! And if yes, how should one drink wine to get its health benefits? Let’s find out.

Points to consider when drinking wine to get health benefits

Health Tips on Wine Drinking

  • Studies have shown- drinking moderate amounts of alcohol protects against heart disease.
  • Excess alcohol consumption is not good for health.
  • The active compound in wine is known as Resveratrol.
  • One to two drinks a day are enough but for some people even a drink is too much. You must find the “best level” for yourself.
  • People who take red wine in moderation have a lower incidence of dementia.
  • Those who cannot drink red wine can have concord grape juice which is equally beneficial.
  • Do not have wine or grape juice on empty stomach. Have some food with them. It prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar eliminating the risk of fat cell deposits.
  • Diabetics should not have grape juice due to high sugar content.

Did that make sense? Does that advocate drinking wine though in moderate amounts?

Before you say yes, also look at some of the risks of drinking wine.

Drinking wine can lead to certain unwanted effects

  • Heave alcohol consumption damages your bones and make you prone to fractures
  • A research by WHO has classified wine as Group 1 carcinogen. A carcinogen causes cancer.
  • Heavy drinking negatively affects heart health and leads to cardiovascular issues.
  • Impaired mental function is the most quickly visible sign of ill effects of wine on brain. Why else you are not able to speak, walk or drive after drinking wine?
  • Headaches are the after effect of drinking wine. Do you get a hangover daily?

Think again, if wine is good for you? Or should you decrease the amount you drink daily?

Conclusion about wine drinking for health

Most of the research studies say, moderate consumption of wine has health benefits but heavy or binge drinking can play havoc to your health! But what is this moderate consumption of wine?

While there is a dispute about what is moderate amount of wine to be consumed daily, it is said, a glass (150 ml) of wine per day for women and two glasses per day for men can be called moderate amount of wine.

Rest depends upon you and your judgement as to what amount of wine is healthy for you and whether you should drink wine for health benefits or not!

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