How to Reduce Tummy – Know Your Tummy Type & Lose Belly Fat!

Just to exercise and following a diet plan is not enough to reduce tummy fat! You have to identify your tummy type and plan accordingly to reduce your belly fat.

This helps in understanding the right exercises, diet and habits to reduce the belly fat of your type of tummy. So, what are the different tummy types? And how to reduce belly fat of each of these types of tummy?

How to Reduce Your Tummy

How to Reduce Your Tummy?

This article will help you identify your tummy type and also the exercises, diet and the right habits that will help you to reduce your tummy fat! So, let’s know how to reduce tummy specific to your belly fat!

Reduce Belly Fat of Spare Tyre Tummy


Spare Tyre Tummy

If you lead quite a motionless sedentary life and have an office job that requires you to be on your chair for the whole day, you probably have the most common spare tyre tummy. The causes for belly fat in this tummy type is the lack of exercise and wrong food habits but this is the most easiest type of tummy when it comes to reducing belly fat.

How to Plan to Reduce Your Spare Tyre Tummy Fat!

Eat Right and Move More- is the key mantra to reduce belly fat of spare tyre tummy type!

  • Avoid having too much of sugar and refined carbohydrates like those found in biscuits, cakes and white bread, pasta and rice.
  • Reduce alcohol intake. Drinking occasionally is all right but everyday or even 3-4 times a week will hamper your belly fat reduction project!
  • Also avoid so called diet snacks as they are made with chemicals, refined sugars and lots of artificial flavors and preservatives to make them taste good.
  • Have more of fresh food like fish, eggs, organic meat and vegetables -some options might include eggs and smoked salmon, grilled chicken and vegetables, snack like sliced lean meats, avocados, nuts and even oily fish (as they have good fat). Get the List of Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss
  • Exercise a lot- even if they are simple exercises like walking, doing lunges, squats or dips at home or even doing yoga.

Reduce Belly Fat of Stress Tummy


Stress Tummy

If you suffer occasionally from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating and the likes; if your belly fat shows up in such areas as the front of the midriff and umbilical area; if your belly fat feels hard when touched, you might have a stress tummy.

How to Plan to Reduce Your Stress Tummy Fat!

Changing the bad habits of skipping meals, having more coffee, tea or other caffeine products, sleeping more-. is the key to reduce belly fat of stress tummy types.

  • Go to bed early. If you don’t sleep as is required by the body, the production of the hormone leptin is disrupted whose function is to regulate appetite and metabolism.
  • To avoid stress, take to relaxation therapies like deep-breathing, meditation and refreshing baths before going to bed.
  • Reduce intake of tea and coffee- two cups a day is enough. Instead have herbal tea like chamomile tea to soothe your nerves.
  • Don’t do rigorous exercises like cardio. Instead do yoga, brisk walking etc.
  • Have lots of foods that are rich in magnesium like dark green leafy vegetables, Brazil nuts and seeds.

Reduce Belly Fat of Little Pooch Tummy


Little Pooch Tummy

You might be very busy in your career or even exercising hard in gym then also you might have little deposit of fat in your lower part of stomach.

How to Plan to Reduce Your Little Pooch Tummy Fat!

Avoiding the routine types of exercises everyday and introducing a change in foods instead of having the same foods all the time is the key to reduce belly fat of this type of tummy.

  • Have nutritious food with plenty of fiber. Green leafy vegetables, oatbran, wholemeal grains may help you a lot to reduce tummy.
  • Avoid doing excessive crunches and using such gym items as ab-rollers as they put strain on the hip flexors and the lower back, resulting into tummy muscles to protrude and your belly sticks out.
  • Doing exercise in the right manner is a must. Incorrect sit-ups increase the lower back curve and give a pouch like appearance to your tummy. Swap sit-ups for planks. You may also use weights bulks- these are not bad for even women. Repetitions of exercises like squats or lunges will also do.
  • Drink lots of water and eat easy to digest foods like green vegetables, lighter proteins such as fish and chicken.

Reduce Belly Fat of Mummy Tummy

If you have given birth in the past couple of years, you might have the typical mummy tummy. However, don’t be in a rush to reduce your belly fat. You must start exercising at least after 3-4 months after you have delivered your baby.

How to Plan to Reduce Your Mummy Tummy Fat!

How to Reduce Your Tummy

Mummy Tummy

To reduce the mummy tummy fat, you need to work upon your pelvic floor and lower abs to strengthen the loose muscles.

  • Do gentle pelvic floor exercises that are popularly known as Kegels. Squeeze and clench your pelvic floor muscles for about twenty times- five sessions a day. Breathe deep into your tummy and slowly exhale while doing a pelvic floor exercise.
  • Have fish oil supplements. Consult your doctor about how much you must take a day.
  • Have god fat foods like nuts, oils and olives every day.
  • Having naps in the afternoons and doing light stretching before going to bed at night can help in boosting fat burning.

Reduce Belly Fat of Bloated Tummy


Bloated Tummy

If your tummy is flat in the morning and swell later in the day, it might happen due to gas or indigestion resulting into a bloated tummy.

How to Plan to Reduce Your Bloated Tummy Fat!

Identifying the food that your body can’t tolerate and avoiding them is the key to reduce belly fat of such type of tummy.

  • To identify the food that you can’t stand, try avoiding such of some common foods for a fortnight or so. These may be wheat or gluten in particular which can be present in bread, pasta, pastries, pizza, cakes and cereals; alcohol; yeast present in in muffins, beer, pastries etc; processed dairy food like cheese, milk, butter. Try them once at a time to separate them out. For example, if you feel that your tummy doesn’t seem to be so big when you haven’t had bread, pasta, cakes etc. for a week or so- the culprit might be gluten!
  • Have lots of fresh vegetables, white meat and fish when you avoid the above food.
  • Eat in the right manner. Don’t skip breakfast and also make it your biggest meal so that you digest food well through the day. Avoid eating late at night. Chew your food properly.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your digestive system in synch.
  • Have prebiotic and probiotic supplements or foods like probiotic yogurt (of course if you are not intolerant of it.) Other sources of good bacteria that help in digestion include sour cream, certain fruit and vegetables like kale, garlic and onions.
  • Breathe right and breathe deep. Every morning, lay on your back while relaxing fully and breathe deep into your tummy for at least ten times.
  • Take a walk after having your meals. This helps in digesting food well and avoids bloating.

Source: Clean and Lean Diet- James Duigan

Panacea for Reducing All Types of Tummy Fat

When you identify your tummy type and work accordingly to reduce your belly fat, you sure will lose weight some day. However, if you are unable to identify your tummy type, there still is a remedy that can reduce your belly fat. This is the Kapalbhati- Yoga breathing exercise for reducing fat from around your stomach area. you have to do this kapalbhati breathing yoga for a very short period daily but with the right technique. Then only you can lose fat of your belly. See this video, understand the technique of kapalbhati yoga for weight loss properly and then proceed to reduce your tummy fat!

Kapalbhati Yoga Breathing Exercise for Reducing Tummy Fat

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