Prevent Back Pain While Working at Computer

how-to-prevent-back-pain-while-working-at-computerIf your work or interest keeps you in front of your computer for long hours, you might develop back pain which is really painful! So, it would be wise enough to take steps right at the beginning to prevent back pain while working at computer. The tips given here will help you in achieving this- a back, pain less back!

You might have a feeling while reading these tips about preventing back pain that they are the same old ones you have read before or that they are not practical enough to be followed in a routine manner- but you must pay heed to your back and bring small changes in your work style as well as life style so that you do not suffer from chronic back ache in future!

Sit in Proper Posture While Working at Computer!


And why only when working at computer, proper sitting posture as a general habit is the most important factor that prevents back pain!


  • The height of your computer desk and chair should be right.
  • Your eyes and the top of your computer should be at the same level.
  • The desk should be at such height and distance that you need not bend to work. If essential, use adjustable chairs that can be lowered down or brought upwards to maintain the right height for sitting in front of the computer.
  • If you can’t get this, use a special cushion under your lower back to let your back to level its position.

Your aim should be to maintain the right height, distance and sitting posture in whatever manner you can.

Relax While You Work at Computer!

Relaxing is important too because a stressed posture will give you a bad back! Repeating certain movements, especially if you have awkward body position, can put undue strain on your back muscles leading to muscle injury or fatigue.

  • Relax your stressed muscles by taking some time, may be a couple of minutes off from your work after every 30-40 minutes.
  • Do some stretching exercise for your neck- flex your head forward/backward, side to side and look right and left. This will have effect on spinal cord which in turn will keep off your back pain.
  • If you can, you should also stand up and do lower back stretches.

Do Yoga for Back Pain!



  • Start your day with simple exercises if not Yoga.
  • Give at least 10 minutes to your body so that you prevent back pain too!
  • Pelvic twists while lying down on your back is good for preventing back pain.
  • If you want to do yoga for back pain, do “Bhujang Asana” which not only prevents back pain but is also beneficial for many other health problems. Here are the 5 best yoga exercises for lower back pain.

If you are not a big fan of yoga or want to stay really simple, consider doing these exercises for back pain relief

Get Back Pain Treatment Before Taking Preventing Measures

If you already suffer from back pain, it is highly recommended that you get proper back pain treatment before doing any exercise otherwise your back ache problem might get aggravated. Go for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractics, massage, or acupuncture – whatever provides relief to you. After your back pain disappears, start taking the preventive measures explained above so that you do not develop back pain in future!

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