New Sex Education Game Launched for Teens

Middlesex public health unit in London, Ontario has launched a comic-book inspired interactive game on its website called “Adventures in Sex City,” to test the knowledge of teens about sex and to impart correct sex education to them.
To play this sex game, players would choose one of the characters- Captain Condom, who is a man wearing a condom on his head; Wonder Vag, a virgin; Willy, a boy who believes size doesn’t matter; or Power Pap, a sexually active girl. There is the super villain, the ‘Sperminator’, who is a muscular man wearing a red wrestling mask with penis arms. To play the game, player- on behalf of the chosen character- would answer a set of 25 questions about sexual activity. If the player gets a question wrong, Sperminator shoots the character with sperm. However, if the question is answered correctly, the character uses a “condom shield” to shoot the sperm back at the Sperminator. Another feature of the game- “Myths Maniac”- addresses and dispels faulty sexual information teens often hear at school or from friends.
A two-player version of the game has also been made available. This version allows parents to play with their teen. The very useful sex game also links to health clinics, videos, contraceptive information, and posters. It will also be promoted at some public schools across the region.
According to Shaya Dhinsa, Manager of sexual health at the Middle-London Health Unit, this game would grasp the interest of teens between 16-20 years of age as it is an interactive way to educate them about sex. This interactive game can be visited at
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