Transformation Caravan: New Book on “Emotional Side” of Weight Loss

Cher Ewing, a patient who had undergone LAP-BAND Weight Loss Surgery (WLS), has written a book named “Transformation Caravan” concerned with the “emotional side” of Weight Loss Surgery. According to Ewing, she had not expected the emotional changes she experienced during her LAP-BAND Weight Loss Surgery. In her book she shares “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” emotional side of her weight loss journey.
‘Transformation Caravan’ focuses on seven different areas of change a person can expect to experience as they travel the Weight Loss Surgery roads. Like all health books, this weight loss book also aims at helping the fellow patients who take to weight loss surgery when they experience shame, regret, lack of motivation, and low self confidence.

Cher Ewing invites her book readers to- “Dream” like they have never dreamed before, “Hope” like they have never hoped before and “Live” like they have never lived before.

Source: Press Release about the Book Release

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