Low-carb Diets for Weight Loss May Lead to Loss of Life!

It is now an established fact among the obese population worldwide that low-carbohydrate/high-protein diets help people lose weight fast. However, researchers have now found that such low carbohydrate diets may lead to atherosclerosis and impaired blood vessel growth. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up on the insides of arteries and hardens them. It leads to heart attacks, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease.

Not only atherosclerosis, low-carb diets have also been reported to cause kidney failure and muscle tissue damage. Manipulation of body’s digestive system eventually does more harm to health than good. Those who choose to go on low-carb diet, at first loose weight but this initial weight loss is due to loss of water before burning of fat starts. It leads to the state of a specific metabolic process called ketoacidosis. It is the same state that is found in unhealthy and imbalanced people who have kidney and liver diseases. Now instead of burning proteins, body goes on to tear muscle tissues, which is not at all good for anyone’s health.

Doctors, and even expert dietitians and other health professionals, now recommend fat reduction methods of the past which includes exercise, balanced food and active lifestyle (that has enough provision for rest too) as the the safest way of losing weight. Natural fat burner supplements that assist in increasing body metabolism may also help in losing weight. However, these should always be taken under expert guidance, for someone has rightly said that health is the most precious treasure that one must cherish lifelong!

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