Are There Home Remedies For Swine Flu?

All over media and in general public, there is only one topic to discuss these days- Swine Flu! Everyone seems to be concerned about preventing it. There is no vaccine against swine flu but only an assurance that it will be available within a year or earlier than that too. Only one effective allopathic medicine for Swine Fl- Tamiflu – has become the ray of hope. In such a situation, people are turning towards finding alternative medicine for this ‘not so common’ flu. They are up to find home remedies for preventing the deadly disease. This gives rise to the obvious question- are there home remedies or even some herbal remedies for swine flu? Let’s find out.

Alternative Medicine for Swine Flu- The Claims

The practitioners of alternative medicine, Homeopathy and Ayurveda, both are claiming that there are treatments for swine flu in their respective medicine systems. Homeopathy even claims to have treated many patients during the worldwide flu pandemic of 1918. The Ayurvedic doctors also claim to have effective treatment for swine flu. According to them, swine flu has been termed as ‘Shleshmak jwar’ in Ayurvedic scriptures. It refers to obstruction in lungs which can be attributed to both- Vata dosha and kapha dosha. Vata is held responsible for proper functioning of thoracic cavity. The respiratory system lies in this cavity only. Kapha is responsible for proper secretion of fluids in the respiratory tract –from the lungs to the nose.

Homeopathic Treatment for Swine Flu

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to those of influenza. Thus, homeopathy recommends medicines typically administered to influenza patients to be given to swine flu patients too. These medicines are also advocated as a preventive measure against the disease.

According to a survey of the French Society of Homeopathy conducted in 1998, about 90 percent of those patients who were given influenzinum as a preventive measure, did not develop symptoms of flu. Influenzinum 200 can also develop an immunity against H1N1 virus responsible for Swine Flu.

Gelsemium and Bryonia:
These two medicines were very effective during the pandemic of 1918. It can effectively be used to fight the present day epidemic too.

This medicine is a homeopathic preparation of the liver and heart of Barbary duck. It was administered to flu patients in 1990 by some German practitioners and was found to improve the condition of patients within 48 hours.

However, all these medicines should be taken under expert guidance of homeopathic practitioners.

Herbal Remedies for Swine Flu

Ayurveda, like in other diseases, advocates herbal treatment for containing swine flu.

Giloy: Known as Tinospora cordifolia, giloy has antiviral elements that can kill HINI virus. The stems of this commonly found herb are used to provide relief in flu like symptoms. It is also effective in strengthening the respiratory system.

Known as Adhatoda vasica, it is an anti inflammatory herb which reduces obstructions in the respiratory tract. It also increases the capability of lungs.

Home Remedies for Swine Fl

Ayurveda advocates increasing immunity of body to fight against any flu including swine flu. Neem, ginger, pepper, basil (tulsi), turmeric and amla along with herbal extracts of elderberry are significant in increasing body immunity against any disease. They can be included in our daily intake of food in any form. For example, ginger and basil can be had in tea or with warm water. Ginger can also be used in small amounts for cooking food along with turmeric. Raw neem leaves can be taken in the morning. Pepper can be included in dishes or can be used as seasoning for salads etc. Amla can be eaten raw or in any form- boiled, jelly, dried, pickle- as it doesn’t lose its qualities in whatever form it is used.

Yoga and Swine Flu

Yoga can be one of the very effective preventative measures for swine flu. Many yogic practices can build immunity against influenza. Pranayam is the most effective among these practices. It can work wonders for respiratory problems. From among many types of Pranayam, the yoga gurus recommend Bhastrika Pranayam and Kapalbhati Pranayam for effectively countering H1N1 influenza. Learn the pranayam techniques from experts to get the maximum benefits

A Word of Caution

In spite of many claims by alternative medicine therapies, one cannot say whether there are any sure shot home remedies for swine flu? If you see any symptoms of swine flu, you must immediately consult your doctor and get the prescribed treatment. There is no harm in taking the herbal preparation or in adopting home remedies along with the prescribed conventional medicines. However, DO NOT depend solely on any home remedy. Life is too precious to be lost in experiments!

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