Summer Depression: Causes and Remedies

You might be wondering, can there be depression in summers too? You must have heard about the Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD and you knew that it occurs in winters. However, all of a sudden, you confront this concept – the summer depression! So what is it and why it happens to people? Let’s first know about it and then move on to discover certain remedies for the same.

What is Summer Depression?

As you can make out just by reading the term ‘Summer Depression’, it is depression that happens in the hottest months of summers- June till August- but the early symptoms start showing from spring itself. People who live in countries near the equator, like India, suffer more from this type of depression. Its symptoms are often reverse to that of winter depression. Therefore, sometimes it is also called “Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder” or “summer SAD”.

Symptoms of Summer Depression

One can experience one or many out of the following symptoms if suffering from summer depression.

  • General feeling of sadness and hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in leisure activities
  • Insomnia or sleeplessness
  • Feeling irritable and agitated for most of the times
  • Poor appetite
  • Weight loss without any apparent reason
  • Suicidal thoughts

Causes of Summer Depression
Nothing can be said about causes of summer depression in a straightforward manner just as is the case with other depressions. For this, some more research is needed. However, according to the little research that has been carried out, it is suggested that for most of the sufferers, it is the stress due to the rising temperature in summers that make them a victim of this depression. According to other researches, depression has a biological cause for some of the people. Some of the other assumed causes of summer depression include:

  • Disruption in routine schedules due to the vacations of children may cause summer depression, especially in women.
  • Some people, who are over concerned about their body shape and figure, suddenly become more self-conscious with all the heavy and body hiding clothes going into cupboards.
  • Not to forget the financial concerns due to the vacations that have to be spent due to children’s holidays, summer camps etc.

Remedies for Summer Depression

Try to make yourself understand that summers are but a season and the heat will go away. Learn to keep yourself cool with proper diet, clothing, and light exercises. Here are some tips that can help you cope up with summer stress.

Talk to your friends or someone with whom you are comfortable and find out some solution. It will also be better to see a doctor or a psychologist who can prescribe some mild medicines to begin with, and help you keeping cool through counseling.

  • Analyze what causes your depression. Is it the rising temperature? Then see your dietician and know about the best food and drinks of summers. This will definitely help you keep cool. Is it tension of keeping kids engaged for the whole day long? Will sending the kids to summer camps is the solution or going on a cool vacation? Just question yourself and you’ll find the answers relieving you off the stress.
  • Don’t miss your exercises. They are the best way to keep you away from any disease, even depression!
  • Don’t go on long and rigid diets and fitness schedules. Exercise a little and eat moderately.
  • Don’t over exert yourself. Learn to say no at times when you don’t find interest or time to oblige others.
  • Try to keep yourself engaged. Satisfy your creative soul too. Learn some creative ways to beat summer depression.

Just be cool and don’t allow the summers let you down. Keep up your spirits by finding ways that only you can say will make you happy.

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